Want to Burn Used Motor Oil for Heat? Get a Waste Oil Burner

Thursday, 13 August 2020 09:57

Disposing of used motor oil isn’t ever an easy process. There are exceptionally strict guidelines on waste oil disposal that must be followed to the “t”—and it’s no wonder why. According to the EPA, a single oil change, if disposed of incorrectly, can result in one million gallons of contaminated freshwater. To put that in perspective, that’s approximately enough drinking water for 50 people for an entire year! To avoid the risks of improper disposal, it’s wiser to burn used motor oil for heat with a waste oil burner instead.

What is a waste oil burner?

A waste oil burner is a type of furnace that is fueled by used oil (including motor oil, fuel oil, motor oil, hydraulic oil, or transmission fluid) to heat a home or business.

Why burn used motor oil?

There are many benefits of burning used motor oil—some of which you may not even be aware of yet. Most often, these are the biggest benefits a used oil burner can offer businesses that generate waste oil.

Burning motor oil produces free heat

Who doesn’t want free heat? Burning used oil, instead of having it hauled away, is a great way to generate heat for your business and significantly reduce overhead costs. On average, it takes just 18-24 months to pay off your waste oil burner and start generating free heat for your business. To see just how much you’ll save, check out our waste oil online savings calculator.

Recycling used oil eliminates the risk of oil spills and contamination

Improper disposal of used oil isn’t only illegal; it’s incredibly damaging to the environment. Even the smallest leak or spill can contaminate entire ecosystems, such as rivers, lakes, and large areas of oceans.

If you deal with used oil, you likely already know just how high-risk disposal can be. With a used oil furnace, you don’t have to worry about the disposal process at all anymore. You just recycle it instead!

Waste oil burners are better for the environment

Waste oil burners are a far better option for the environment than traditional heating systems. Not only do you reduce the risk of spills and contamination, but you also preserve natural gas and fuel oil supplies.

Waste oil burners also meet the requirements set by the EPA to preserve clean air. Additionally, waste oil possesses twice as much energy as coal and far more energy than #2 fuel oil. That kind of energy-efficiency can be vital for the preservation of the environment.

In today’s day and age, going green and protecting the planet is more important than ever before. Waste oil burners are a great way to show your commitment to sustainability and clean energy sources.

What are you waiting for? Burn used motor oil for heat today

As you can see, burning used motor oil for heat can have a long list of benefits for your business. It’s better for the environment and for your bottom line. And at Interstate Energy, we’ll happily supply your business with an industry-leading waste oil burner. We’ve been in business since 1986, and over the last 30+ years, we’ve helped hundreds—if not thousands—of businesses who generate motor oil heat their business for free.

As the only authorized Clean Burn distributor in Colorado and eastern Wyoming, we are committed to providing your business with a waste oil burner that will increase your competitive edge.

Contact us today to learn more about our waste oil heating options.