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Colorado is no stranger to air pollution. With its booming energy and transportation sectors, there are numerous environmental challenges for businesses to deal with. Fortunately, Clean Burn products and technology can offer eco-friendly solutions for businesses in Colorado.

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Tuesday, 24 January 2023 13:13

An FAQ Guide to Utilizing Your Clean Burn Furnace

What types of fuel can a Clean Burn furnace use? How frequently should you clean your oil furnace? Is it safe? These are some of the questions that we get asked most often about Clean Burn technology. At Interstate Energy, we are the sole authorized distributor of Clean Burn heaters in Colorado and eastern Wyoming, and we are here to provide the facts on these systems.

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The average cost of heating a building in the United States is between $1,700 to $9,700 per year. That means many business owners spend hundreds of dollars each month trying to efficiently heat their businesses, which can be challenging. Thankfully there is a solution; a way to cut your heating expenses without having to sacrifice comfort.

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Wednesday, 28 September 2022 16:30

Gear Up for Winter with a Clean Burn Waste Oil Heater

Winter in Colorado and Wyoming is often frigid and long, and heating bills for your business can rise during the cold winter months. Investing in a Clean Burn waste oil heater can heavily offset those heating costs for your business while proving to be a more environmentally friendly way of disposing of your waste oil byproducts. Let’s dive into the benefits of a waste oil heater and why you need one this winter.

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Before buying a waste oil furnace for your company, you should do your homework. It’s important to know which type of used oil furnace is right for your needs. Clean Burn waste oil heaters are one of the best ways your business can save money, generate free heat, and help protect the environment by using your personal fuel source.

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Monday, 16 August 2021 16:43

20 Reasons to Buy a Waste Oil Burner

On the fence about whether or not to purchase a waste oil heater? We get it. It’s a big decision and a relatively high initial investment. But the truth is, the pros of purchasing a waste oil heater far outweigh the cons. The only serious downside is paying for new equipment. But believe it or not, most waste oil heaters pay themselves off in just 12-18 months! If you’re still struggling to decide, here are 20 reasons to buy a waste oil burner for your business today.

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Thursday, 15 April 2021 14:37

Boost Your Bottom Line With a Waste Oil Boiler

Heating your business isn't cheap. But if you generate a significant amount of waste oil, you could save big on your heating costs with a waste oil boiler. If you're interested in boosting your bottom line and turning a liability into an asset, you've come to the right place. At Interstate Energy, we are Colorado and Eastern Wyoming's only authorized Clean Burn distributor. Today, we're breaking down everything you need to know about the benefits of purchasing a waste oil boiling system for your business.

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Waste oil haulers across the country are increasing the cost of their charge-for-oil (CFO) programs, with some raising their rates as much as $.70 more per gallon. The good news is having your oil hauled off isn't your only option. In fact, rather than paying someone to dispose of your used oil, you could burn it instead and avoid that liability altogether. And by burning it, you can even heat your business for free! If your Colorado waste oil recyclers are increasing their prices, it may be time to consider purchasing a waste oil burner for your business.

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If your business generates waste oil, then congratulations! You're sitting on top of a FREE source of heating for your business. All you need is a quality waste oil furnace to turn that fuel into an efficient (and free) heat source. But which kind of heating system is best for your business? There are plenty of waste oil heater manufacturers operating in the U.S. today, so you have your pick of the litter. If you're considering purchasing this kind of heating system, you can't go wrong with the industry-leading technology of Clean Burn waste oil burners.

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So, you’re interested in purchasing a waste oil heater. That’s great! Waste oil heaters offer many benefits for your business; they’re better for the environment, they decrease the chance of accidental oil spills, and they boost your bottom line. However, as you start your search, you’ll soon find there are a wide variety of makes and models. And you may be wondering which type of furnace is the best fit for your business. If that sounds like you, we recommend reaching out to authorized Clean Burn distributors in Colorado.

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