The Benefits Of Recycling Your Waste Oil

If you operate a business that produces an abundance of waste oil, you know how extensive the additional costs can be. What if we told you that with one simple change in your business operation, you could reduce not one, not two, but three key overhead costs that you incur by producing and disposing of waste oil?

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The History Of Recycled Waste Oil

From environmental issues to scarcity and importing problems, oil has certainly seen its fair share of controversy. In the midst of the petroleum crisis of the 1970s, Ben Smoker, an inventor out of Lancaster Country, Pennsylvania, came up with a resourceful idea that transformed the industry. Why not burn the waste oil you already have instead of spending your budget on expensive fuel oil?

Since the conception of this idea and the development of the first prototypes in 1979, Clean Burn has perfected the process of burning waste oil for heat in a self-contained, efficient, and affordable system.

About Waste Oil

Waste oil, despite its name, is not waste. Did you know that...

  • Waste oil actually possesses more energy value than coal and #2 fuel oil
  • One gallon of waste oil has the same amount of energy as 18-kilowatt hours of electricity
  • Two gallons of waste oil can provide enough electricity to run the average household for 24 hours
  • Or cook 48 meals in the microwave
  • Or blow-dry your hair 216 times
  • Or vacuum your house for 15 months
  • Or leave the television on for 180 hours

When you recycle your waste oil, you can save not only on the disposal and liability costs but also on the overall heating expenses of your business. When you recycle your waste oil to heat your business, it is worth approximately $3.00 per gallon.

When you don't recycle your waste oil, your business assumes exponential liability for accidental oil spills when you transport it away from your property.

The Environmentally Friendly Option

In addition to saving money, recycling your waste oil helps create alternative energy without compromising the environment. By using Clean Burn waste oil heating systems you reduce the risks of spills and contamination in the environment. Not only that but recycling waste oil that has already been generated dramatically reduces the pressure on natural gas and fuel oil supplies. Last, but certainly not least, Clean Burn's waste oil combustion systems meet or exceed the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) requirements for preserving clean air.

How You Can Benefit From Recycling Waste Oil

Every year, more than 200 million gallons (that is $600 million) are generated, but not collected. Instead, they are dumped illegally or accidentally in sewers, streams, drains, landfills, or even your backyard. If all those zeroes following the dollar sign haven't captured your attention, keep in mind, it only takes one gallon of waste oil to contaminate one million gallons of drinking water.

If you want to save money by transforming an operating cost and liability into an asset that moves your bottom line, it's time to call Interstate Energy. Start recycling your waste oil today. Click the button to schedule a FREE heat loss assessment and determine what waste oil burner makes sense for your business.