The SunFire Radiant Heater.

The SunFire 150 is an industrial grade heater that is manufactured by Clean Burn. You receive the same standard of quality that you find in our waste oil furnaces and boilers. This radiant heater is designed to warm specific objects and people, rather than just the air around them, to ensure the most efficient use of fuel to maximize the heat. This efficiency also ensures that you don't suffer from odor or smoke when heating your space. Additionally, the design includes a steel frame with a welded steel fuel tank and standard fuel filter heater to ensure that the SunFire 150 holds up against even the coldest of environments. Unlike many similar units on the market, the SunFire is designed to run on diesel fuel, rather than kerosene, which ensures a quick start in cold conditions. 

  • Features

    Completely portable with solid, rubber flat-free tires and an easy-lift folding handle

    All-steel frame, welded steel fuel tank, standard fuel filter heater ensures durability

    Engineered for diesel fuel

    Odorless and smokeless

    Low emissions below OSHA guidelines

    Quiet operation

    17-hour run time on 19-gallon fuel tank

    UL verified for exceeding industry standards

    Optional thermostat

    Tilting head for directional heat

  • Specs


    High: 147,000(43kW)

    Low: 130,000 (38kW)

    Oil Flow Rate 1.1 GPH 

    Diesel, #2 fuel oil

    Overall Dimensions, Assembled

    32"W x34"L x 38"H

    (81cm x 86cm x 96.5cm)

    Approximate Weight, empty tank

    195 pounds (88kg)

    320 pounds (145kg)


    Fuel Tank Capacity 19 Gallons (72l)
    Electrical Requirements

    120 VAC 2A 60 Hz or 12V Pure Sine Power

    Inverter (800W Minimum)

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