The CTB-350 waste oil boiler.

The Clean Burn Model CTB-350 waste oil boiler is UL listed for use in central heating systems, like all of our waste oil boilers. The mid-sized boiler also requires a mere 30 minutes of cleaning in intervals of 1000 hours of operation, making them much lower maintenance than other boilers on the market.

  • Features

    Triple pass heat exchanger increases heat efficiency

    Quickstart design with low-mass water requirements

    Designed specifically to heat water using waste oil

    The pre-wired system makes installation easy

    Maximum flexibility due to narrow cabinet design

    Customer service supported by Interstate Energy technicians


  • Specs

    BTU/hour input 350,000/102 kW
    BTU/hour output 260,000/76.2 kW

    Used oils:

    • Crankcase
    • ATF
    • Hydraulic

    Fuel oils:

    • #2
    • #4
    • #5 fuel oil
    Heating Surface

    68 sq. ft./6.3 sqM

    Boiler Water Volume

    12 gal/45.4 L

    Design Water Flow per coil

    12 gal/45.4 L

    Cabinet Dimensions


    56" L x 34" W x 34.5" H

    142cm x 86cm x 88cm

    Overall Dimensions (with burner/breach/plumbing)

    74" L x 39.25" W x 41" H

    188cm x 100cm x 104cm

    Approx. Weight

    1240 pounds (562.4 kg)

    Electrical Requirements

    115 VAC 60 Hz, single phase

    230C/50Hz units also available

    Maximum oil consumption

    2.5 GPH/9.5lph

    Stack size


    Air compressor requirements

    2.5 CFM @ 25 PSI

    4.25 m3/h @ 1.7 bar

    Recommended Clean-out

    1000 hours

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