The Rock Energy Systems MX-75 waste oil heater.

The Rock Energy Systems MX-75 waste oil heater is the best heating solution for small work areas, such as tight workshops, narrow garages, and at-home hobby workspaces. Thanks to its vertical design, the MX-75 can fit neatly in the corner of your workspace without cutting any corners on your heating needs. The MX-75 is also a cost-effective heating solution, as it uses less waste oil and less square footage than other furnaces. This consumer-inspired design is a great heating option for avid DIYers and at-home hobby enthusiasts. The MX-75 model comes pre-assembled for easy installation and includes all of the standard RES heater features.

  • Features

    Onboard air compressor

    Metering pump

    Draft gauge

    Low fuel cutoff

    21’’W x 26’’L footprint


    Cleanable in-tank strainer

  • Specs

    *Maximum BTU/hour 75,000 (21.98 kW)
    Fuel Flow Rate 0.54 GPH (2.0 L/h)

    Used oils:

    • Crankcase
    • ATF

    Fuel oils:

    • #2
    Air flow output

    500 CFM

    No ductwork allowed

    Area Coverage

    Heats up to 1,700 sq. ft.

    Electrical Requirements

    115 VAC 60Hz, 8 amps Connect to 10 amp circuit breaker (15 amp max)


    Exhaust through 6’’ Class-A flue

    Warm Outlet Dimensions

    10’’ x 12.5’’

    No ductwork allowed

    Tank Storage

    10 gallons

    Furnace Dimensions

    75’’H x 21’’W x 26’’L

    Furnace Weight

    210 lbs.


    Bolts to non-combustible flooring


    1 year

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