As the leading provider of waste oil furnaces and boilers, we also offer supplementary products that allow you to get the most from your Clean Burn machinery. From the recycling center to the radiant heater, you can look no further than Interstate Energy for your heating needs. Additionally, we offer the highest-quality pressure washers and air compressors to ensure your machinery is consistently in the best working order.

At Interstate Energy, we strive to ensure that you can recycle your waste oil in the most convenient way possible. With state-of-the-art customer service and a comprehensive line of machinery, you can benefit from industry-leading technology supported by expert technicians who are invested in your success all in one place. 


The Clean Burn Recycling Center

Recycling Center

The Clean Burn Recycling Center works in combination with any of our Clean Burn waste oil furnaces to collect, store, and generate heat recovered from waste oils. The Recycling Center simplifies the process of handling waste oil and generating heat because it combines the tank and furnace in a single, convenient unit. The Recycling Center has a 215-gallon storage tank, metering pump, filter drain rack kit, and drain pan kit. This system, when combined with a Clean Burn Furnaces makes free heat generation easy.

The Clean Burn Radiant SunFire Heater 150

Radiant Heater

The SunFire 150 is an industrial grade radiant heater that is entirely portable for convenient heat. The SunFire is built with an all-steel frame, welded steel fuel tank, flat-free tires, and standard fuel filter heat to withstand even the coldest temperatures. This heater runs on diesel fuel, instead of the traditional kerosene, reducing the start-up time and smoke or smell when operating. Running on peak efficiency, the SunFire converts your fuel to heat that is directed at your employees and your tools, rather than the air around them to minimize wasted heat and fuel.

The MI-T-M Pressure Washer from Clean Burn

MI-T-M Pressure Washers

Mi-T-M offers a comprehensive line of pressure washers that can be used for industrial or residential projects. With over 130 models that vary between cold and hot water, belt-drive and direct-drive, gas powered and electric, there is certainly a Mi-T-M pressure washer that is ideal for your industrial or residential needs.

The Rock Energy Systems MX-75

Rock Energy Systems MX-75

The Rock Energy Systems MX-75 waste oil furnace is the perfect heating solution for compact spaces. Thanks to its vertical design and compact footprint of 21’’W x 26’’L, the MX-75 furnace is well-designed to fit neatly in the corner of small workspaces. Running on No. 2 fuels and synthetic oils, this furnace will provide adequate heat for your tight workspace, garage, or at-home workshop. This consumer-inspired design comes with all the standard RES heater features and the MX-75 even comes pre-assembled for easy installation.

MI-T-M Air Compressors, from Clean Burn.

MI-T-M Air Compressors

Mi-T-M also manufactures portable and stationary air compressors to complete their portfolio of industrial and contractor-grade equipment. Offering everything from 4-gallon to 80-gallon air capacity compressors, you can find a compressor that works best for you. You also have options of electric or gasoline run compressors, as well as a single stage or two-stage to find the most compatible compressor for you.

Air Movement Solutions

Air Movement Solutions: Commercial Fans

Air Movement Solutions produces high-quality industrial and commercial fans that provide powerful air circulation without any excessive noise. Whether you’re looking for stationary or portable air-cooling systems, these fans output 43,000 CFM to move significant amounts of air and equalize the temperature and humidity within your workspaces. They’re backed up by an amazing 5-year warranty and are optimal systems to improve comfort, safety, and productivity for your organization.