Waste Oil Furnaces

The Clean Burn waste oil furnace line is the highest-efficiency model on the market. Our products were designed from the ground up specifically to burn used oils which means they create more heat from less oil. Clean Burn waste oil furnaces can maximize the value of your used oil, which in many cases is an expense and a liability. When you recycle it to create heat for your business, you can transform it into an asset.


We offer waste oil furnaces in a variety of sizes that harness different amounts of power so that you can find the ideal solution for your organization. Whether you prefer to suspend your waste oil furnaces to the ceiling or attach them to a platform, we can provide you with a single or multi-unit heating system that runs on your own used oil.


Our waste oil furnaces run on state-of-the-art technology that is specially designed to allow up to 250 percent greater heated surface area compared to other systems. Our Clean Burn Heat Exchanger is what makes these waste oil furnaces so efficient.


Clean Burn 140 Waste Oil Furnace


The Clean Burn 140 is the smallest and most economical waste oil furnace in our line. Producing 140,000 BTU/hr makes this the ideal solution for small garages, shops, and workspaces. The design for this waste oil furnace maximizes the surface area for heat transfer while minimizing the potential for heat loss so that you get the most from even the smallest systems in our line. The CB-140 has the longest cleaning interval of all the waste oil furnaces, which makes it the perfect, low-maintenance solution for smaller spaces.

Clean Burn 1750 Waste Oil Furnace


The Clean Burn 1750 produces approximately 175,000 BTU/hour. This is the smallest waste oil furnace in the low profile design option. This model capitalizes on the efficient Clean Burn waste oil furnace design and is the ideal solution for facilities that produce a smaller amount of waste oil every year. With no fuel adjustment required and extended cleaning intervals, the CB-1750 is another low-maintenance option for heating your business.

Clean Burn 2500 Waste Oil Furnace


The Clean Burn 2500 is our most popular waste oil furnace for two to four bay auto repair and service shops. Producing 250,000 BTU/hour, the CB-2500 is perfect for larger facilities that produce an average of 1,000 gallons of waste oil on an annual basis. While a larger model than the CB-140 and 1750, this waste oil furnace can still be easily mounted on the ceiling, on a platform, or in conjunction with the Clean Burn Recycling Center, which makes it a highly flexible option for different types of workspaces.

Clean Burn 3250 Waste Oil Furnace


The Clean Burn 3250 is the largest of the low-profile models, producing 325,000 BTU/hour. This waste oil furnace is ideal for larger spaces because it can be used as a unit heater or a central furnace to heat multiple areas. The low-profile design offers the most flexibility in installation and function than any other waste oil furnace. This model is perfect for spaces that have limitations due to ceiling heights because the range of installation options is so wide.

Clean Burn 3500 Waste Oil Furnace


The Clean Burn 3500 is an industrial grade waste oil furnace. Producing 350,000 BTU/hour, this model is ideal for service facilities with four or more bays. It is also great for businesses that generate larger quantities of waste oil. This waste oil furnace can be used as a unit heater or a central furnace to maximize the heat production. Features like automatic flow control and extended cleaning intervals make this furnace a great, low-maintenance option for larger spaces.

Clean Burn 5000 Waste Oil Furnace


The Clean Burn 5000 is the largest of our waste oil furnaces. Generating 500,000 BTU/hour, this is the perfect option for large repair and service facilities. This model uses the Clean Burn technology to maximize heat production with minimal maintenance. The unique design ensures that this waste oil furnace is reliable for the duration of its lifecycle.