The CB-2500 waste oil furnace from Clean Burn.

The Clean Burn Model CB-2500 is the most popular choice for mid-sized auto repair and service shops. This model is also part of the low-profile design, so larger spaces that want to use a waste-oil furnace can do so without taking up a ton of ceiling or floor space. The CB-2500 can be used in conjunction with other furnaces, the Clean Burn recycling center or on its own to heat your space.

  • Features

    Produces 250,000 BTU/hourĀ 

    Engineered to burn waste and fuel oil

    Efficient heat generation with the patented heat exchanger technology

    Long service life supported by non-welded flue tubes

    Preheated oil optimizes combustion

    Swing-away burner simplifies service process

    Longest cleaning interval of all units in its class

    Higher heat output with lower stack temperatures

    Automatic flow control eliminates the need for manual fuel adjustment

    Flexible usage - single unit, ducted, or with Recycling Center

    Supported by expert service from Clean Burn Distributor, Interstate Energy

  • Specs

    *Maximum BTU/hour 250,000(73kW)
    *Maximum oil consumption 1.7 GPH (6.4 L/h)

    Used oils:

    • Crankcase
    • ATF
    • Hydraulic

    Fuel oils:

    • #2
    • #4
    • #5 fuel oil
    Air flow output (CFM)

    Unit heater 2700

    Central Furnace (ducted)

    0.25 SPWC (in.) 2500

    0.30 SPWC (in.) 2400

    *Air compressor required

    2.5 CFM @25 PSI

    (4.25 m3/h @ 1.7 bar)

    Stack Size 8 inch dia. (20cm dia.)
    Furnace Dimensions, Assembled

    103.25"L x 29.25W x 31.5H

    (262cm x 74cm x 79cm)

    Approx. Weight 509 pounds (229.1 kg)
    Electrical Requirements

    115 VAC 60 Hz, single phase

    30 A circuit breaker

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