Waste Oil Boilers

Interstate Energy, Inc. is the only authorized distributor of Clean Burn waste oil boilers, furnaces, and other heating systems in Colorado and Eastern Wyoming. Clean Burn's versatile boiler technologies are the most efficient water heating systems on the market that are designed specifically to burn waste oil to generate hot water.

Our waste oil boilers offer a number of unique benefits, including reduced cleaning time, easy installation, flexible design, and highly-efficient heating technology.

  • Low Maintenance - A standard boiler system typically requires cleaning for every 400 hours of operation. Often this takes upwards of two hours to get your boiler back into working condition. With the Clean Burn waste oil boiler, you can use your boiler for 750 to 1000 hours before needing to clean it. Cleaning the system only takes you about a half-hour with the swing-away burner and door offering you easy access to the machinery.
  • Easy-Installation – Our waste oil boilers are pre-wired so that you can put your boiler right to work. There are no complicated mechanics that you need to handle, everything is prepared for you.
  • Flexible Design – We've designed our boiler systems to offer a lot of horsepower while taking up minimal space. The narrow cabinet allows the boiler to fit seamlessly into your businesses current layout without compromising your day-to-day operation. They can also be easily stacked to combine with a larger system so that it fulfills your water heating needs.
  • Maximum Efficiency – The Clean Burn waste oil boilers use a patented coil-tube design to provide instant hot water for a wide range of applications. There's no waiting involved to heat your water, so you can run your business at peak efficiency.


CTB-200 Waste Oil Boiler


The Clean Burn CTB-200 waste oil boiler has an input rating of 200,000 BTU/hour and an output of 148,400 BTU/hour. This is our smallest waste oil boiler, with a 5-gallon boiler water volume, making it ideal for an organization who use less hot water on a daily basis. This waste oil boiler can be used as a single boiler unit or in combination with any of our other boilers to customize the boiler system for your facility.

CTB-350 Waste Oil Boiler


The Clean Burn CTB-350 has an input rating of 350,000 BTU/hour and an output of 260,000 BTU/hour. The mid-sized waste oil boiler has nearly double the heating surface area of the CTB-200 and holds 12 gallons of water. This system can be used individually or in combination with our other waste oil boilers.

CTB-500 Waste Oil Boiler


The Clean Burn CTB-500 is the largest waste oil boiler we offer. It has an input rating of 500,000 BTU/hour and an output of 372,000 BTU/hour. While the capacity of this waste oil boiler is larger, it still follows the same narrow cabinet design that makes our boiler systems so flexible. You can combine this with our other boiler systems to create an even larger system or run it as a single unit. The largest of our boiler systems has nearly 100 square feet of heating surface and holds more than 20 gallons of water.