Clean Burn used oil burners are easy to install and seamlessly fit into any working environment. Whether you have limited floor space and need to loft your heating system or you're interested in a ducted system that leverages multiple units, Clean Burn has exactly what you need without the difficult installation process. Check out the gallery below to see how our clients have installed their units. Have questions about how a Clean Burn furnace or boiler might fit into your space? Give us a call to talk to one of our expert technicians.

The Benefits Of Burning Clean

Interstate Energy is Colorado and Eastern Wyoming’s only authorized Clean Burn distributor. With top-of-the-line equipment and unparalleled service, you won’t find a better partner for a used oil furnace.

Why Clean Burn?

You have your options when it comes to used oil furnaces. The Clean Burn advantage can be seen at every point of ownership - from the sales support to the installation to the ongoing maintenance. You’ll find that high-quality is, quite literally, in our nature. All of our used oil furnaces and boilers are manufactured, not assembled, which means you’re getting the highest-efficiency product on the market.

Interstate Energy Is Your Partner For Recycling Used Oil

With Interstate Energy, you get a local resource who is dedicated to helping you get free heat for your business in the most efficient way possible. When you need service, we come to you. When you need parts, we ship overnight. When you have questions, we offer phone support 24/7. With Interstate, you get everything you need and more to support your Clean Burn system.

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  • Features

    Produces 325,000 BTU/hour

    Engineered specifically for burning waste oil

    Maximum heat generation with heat exchanger technology

    Non-welded flue tubes extend the service life

    Streamlined combustion process due to preheated oil

    Easy service with swing-away burner and door

    Extended cleaning interval makes service quick and easy

    Reduced stack temperature, higher heat output

    Automated flow control eliminates the need for fuel adjustment

    Can be used for single unit heating, multi-unit heating, or in conjunction with Recycling Center

    Unrivaled support from Interstate Energy

  • Specs

    *Maximum BTU/hour 325,000(95.3kW)
    *Maximum oil consumption 2.1 GPH (7.91 L/h)

    Used oils:

    • Crankcase
    • ATF
    • Hydraulic

    Fuel oils:

    • #2
    • #4
    • #5 fuel oil
    Air flow output (CFM)

    Unit heater 3300


    Central furnace (ducted)

    0.25 SPWC (in.) 3150

    0.30 SPWC (in.) 2900

    *Air compressor required

    2.5 CFM @25 PSI

    (4.25 m3/h @ 1.7 bar)

    Stack Size 8 inch dia. (20cm dia.)
    Furnace DimensionsAssembleded

    121"L x 31.25W x 35H

    (307cm x 80cm x 89cm)

    Approx. Weight 641 pounds (288.7 kg)
    Electrical Requirements

    230 VAC 60 Hz, single phase

    30 A circuit breaker

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