Are Waste Oil Burners Legal in Colorado and Wyoming?

Friday, 09 December 2022 10:18

Businesses like automobile dealerships, car washes, gas stations, trucking companies, and many others may produce waste oils on a regular basis. Those types of businesses are all considered to be generators of waste oil by the United States Environmental Protection Agency. If you’re one of those companies, then you need to follow EPA regulations regarding your waste oil byproducts. And if you're wondering: "are waste oil burners legal?" the answer is yes.

In this article, we will cover the reasons why these heating systems are legal and why they are the superior form of waste oil disposal.

Cradle-to-Grave Liability

According to the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act , your business is responsible for any hazardous waste you generate at every stage of its life cycle. This includes generating the waste, transporting it, treating it, storing them, and disposing of it, and is referred to as your cradle-to-crave liability.

In total, used oil generators can produce up to 10 million barrels of waste oil every day. Most store the waste oil in large tanks in designated areas and help keep the nation safe by keeping oil out of waterways and natural ecosystems.

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency regulates how these generators handle used oil. This includes labeling all containers and tanks that hold the byproduct as "used oil." Containers and tanks must be in good shape and free of any rusted parts, cracks, or leaks.

If there are any structural problems with the containers or tanks, the waste oil generators must repair or replace them. Generators also have a duty to prevent leaks and spills during transfers, which means they must put used oil into containers that are leak-proof and spill resistant.

Suffice it to say, there is a lot of ongoing maintenance and risk associated with the cradle-to-grave liability. Fortunately, waste oil furnaces can help reduce maintenance costs and your risk in the short and long-term.

Are Waste Oil Burners Legal?

Waste oil heaters allow you to dispose of used oil safely, legally, and cost-effectively. Instead of opening yourself up to unnecessary risk by taking waste oils off-site for disposal, you can dispose of them safely by burning them in your waste heat heater or boiler at your facility.

Benefits of Waste Oil Burners

Waste oil burners are legal across the United States and offer many benefits to your business. These include the following:

1. Cost Efficiency

Waste oil furnaces take used oil byproducts and turn them into something useful: free heat for your building.

Every gallon of waste oil you use can offset up to $2-$3 of electricity you'd otherwise pay for. So, what does it take to make those numbers add up? We've calculated the approximate amount of money you'll save over a year based on the price of heat utilities today.

The average used oil heater runs 2000 hours a year, and Clean Burn Waste Oil Heaters burn about 1.4 - 3.57 gallons of waste oil an hour. On the low end, this equates to about 2,800 gallons of waste oil burned per year. Based on this rough estimate, you may save at least $5,600 a year with the support of this heating system!

2. Environment

Recycling waste oil prevents damage and contamination to air, soil, and water due to improper waste oil disposal or storage container leaks. Using renewable energy sources like waste oil heaters is a good way to protect our environment for future generations.

In addition, when you recycle your waste oil for heat, you reduce your need for new oil or other resources in your workplace. This helps lower the demand for new oil that could come from untouched land and habitats. By saving energy, you use fewer natural resources, which means there’s less strain on our land.

3. Long-Lasting Product with Low Maintenance

Waste oil burners are built to be durable, and that's especially true for Clean Burn products, which are the leaders in waste oil burners and boilers. Made from light, stainless- steel technology and designed for easy cleaning, Clean Burn furnaces offer better performance than traditional models.

These Clean Burn systems are also extremely low maintenance. Proper maintenance and cleaning can keep your waste oil furnace running smoothly for decades, which means more savings and less risk for your future self.

Ready to Invest?

Now that we’ve answered the question: “are waste oil burners legal,” it’s time to ask yourself if you’re ready to invest in one. As you can see, opting for a waste oil heater has many benefits for your business. If you’re ready to make the switch to this affordable and environmentally friendly heating option, reach out to us at Interstate Energy. We are Colorado and Eastern Wyoming’s only authorized Clean Burn distributor.

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