Waste Oil

Did you know used oil never actually wears out? While it might be referred to as “waste oil” at times, the term is actually a little misleading. In reality, used oil isn’t a waste at all. In fact, instead of paying for used oil pickup and having it hauled off, you can burn it and use it to heat your business for free. And believe it or not, that’s not the only benefit you gain by burning your waste oil. There are a number of other economic and environmental benefits offered by used oil burners too.

Oil has the benefit of never wearing out. So, in some ways, the term “waste oil” can be a little misleading. Because oil can be used many times, waste oil is not really waste. In fact, if you recycle your waste oil, it can be used to heat your business for free! To do that, you need a waste oil burner service in Colorado.

Disposing of used motor oil isn’t ever an easy process. There are exceptionally strict guidelines on waste oil disposal that must be followed to the “t”—and it’s no wonder why. According to the EPA, a single oil change, if disposed of incorrectly, can result in one million gallons of contaminated freshwater. To put that in perspective, that’s approximately enough drinking water for 50 people for an entire year! To avoid the risks of improper disposal, it’s wiser to burn used motor oil for heat with a waste oil burner instead.

If your business generates a lot of waste oil, it’s better to burn it than have it hauled away. Not only is it better for your bottom line, but it also offers many environmental benefits too. However, not every waste oil burner service will result in the same cost-savings. If you’re considering switching to a waste oil burner, here are four things to look for in a service provider.

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