Colorado is no stranger to air pollution. With its booming energy and transportation sectors, there are numerous environmental challenges for businesses to deal with. Fortunately, Clean Burn products and technology can offer eco-friendly solutions for businesses in Colorado.

A waste oil burner is a type of furnace that burns used oil to heat enclosed spaces. These burners rely on used oil as fuel and may use different types of oil products that have not yet been used Waste oil furnaces and burners are great for businesses that generate large amounts of waste oil and they offer many “green” benefits for your company.

Let’s touch on some of the ways that this simple system can make your business more environmentally sustainable.

Are Used Motor Oil Heaters Sustainable?

Thursday, 17 February 2022 13:30

Motor vehicles are known for their gas consumption, but the conversation surrounding the used oil is hardly brought to the forefront. The oil cars use to run must be changed every few months to keep the engine running smoothly. But where does the used oil go when it is changed out at the mechanic? While many mechanics may send off their loads of used oil to third-party handlers, used motor oil heaters may be the more sustainable and efficient method of disposal.

These days businesses have an increasing responsibility to protect the environment. Everything from recycling initiatives to reducing carbon emissions has come to the forefront of consumer-business relationships. It’s objectively in your company’s best interest to preserve and support the environment however you can. And you have to simultaneously juggle your business needs, and expectations with your financial capabilities. That’s where a Clean Burn waste oil heater can come in handy.

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