The Benefits Of Used Oil Recycling

Tuesday, 05 February 2019 14:57

If you are in an industry, like the automotive or manufacturing industry, that produces a lot of waste oil, you are probably familiar with the liability with and the hassle of disposing of it. You are also probably familiar with the opportunities for used oil recycling and the benefits it can offer both your business and the environment. Let us talk about the benefits of used oil recycling and how to start doing so in your business.

Benefits of Used Oil Recycling

When you recycle your used oil, you capitalize upon some incredible benefits. Let's go over a few of them, but first let's make the case for recycling.

Why Recycle Used Oil?

Used oil is a highly toxic substance that can cause many problems if it is not disposed of properly. This is why businesses that produce waste oil have cradle-to-grave liability, meaning they are responsible for the oil even after it leaves their premises. This high liability encourages businesses not to cut corners when disposing of the used oil. Used oil recycling is a highly beneficial option for many businesses not only because it can offer large cost benefits but also benefits to the environment. Here are some specifics.

Save Money - In More Ways Than One

Used oil recycling has many cost benefits. First, should you decide to dispose of any waste oil your business generates, you will have to pay a reputable organization to transport that oil and dispose of it via proper methods. You will want to use a company you can trust to handle this disposal and, trust us, those organizations do not come cheap.

Additionally, you have cradle-to-grave liability, so at no point can you pass off responsibility for that used oil during the transportation and disposal process. If there is an accident, spill, or other sort of problem during the transportation, your business will be financially responsible for the damage.

You have to pay to heat your facilities, including both the energy and equipment needed. Used oil recycling can help you save money in this regard by essentially providing your business with free heat. If you recycle your used oil and run it through a Clean Burn furnace, you can eliminate the need to use alternative fuels or equipment to provide heat. You generate your own energy and, once you have paid for the equipment, you can, quite literally, enjoy free heat.

Save The Environment

There is always risk when you are transporting used oil. It is insoluble and slow to degrade, so if there are any leaks or spills, you can expect some long-lasting damage to the environment around it. Additionally, oil also sticks to a wide variety of surfaces, including bird feathers and animal fur, so if the spilled oil comes in contact with an animal, there can potentially be fatal damage done. Last, but not least, oil can pollute soil and water, contaminating vital environmental elements. By partaking in used oil recycling, you can eliminate all of these risks.

Oil is a valuable resource and, unlike many other resources, it does not wear out over usage or time. Used oil recycling allows you to extend its longevity and get more from the resource itself.

Increase Efficiency

Creating oil and base stock can be a labor intensive process. Producing a gallon of re-refined base stock with used oil requires significantly less energy than creating base stock from crude oil. Additionally, a single gallon of used motor oil can create the same 2.5 quarts of lubricating oil that requires 42 gallons of crude oil. Used oil recycling can increase manufacturing efficiency for oil across industries.

To learn more about the benefits that used oil recycling offers, check out how Clean Burn furnaces can transform your business. If the environmental and efficiency benefits aren’t enough to convince you, calculate your own savings with our savings calculator.