Burn Your Waste Oil Instead of Choosing Waste Oil Pick Up

Wednesday, 22 June 2022 11:51

Are you searching for a waste oil pick up service near you? If so, we urge you to consider burning your waste oil instead. Did you know that old motor oil never wears out, even if it has been sitting unused for years? It just gets dirty and can be recycled for secondary use. Recycling used oil is both good for the environment and saves a natural resource. In this blog, we will review why you should choose to burn your waste oil vs choosing waste oil pickup.

Waste oil poured onto the ground, into storm drains, thrown away, or given to a disposal facility can contaminate and pollute the soil, groundwater, and ecosystems. When creating waste oil, you assume the responsibility of proper disposal which makes it even more important to make sure your waste oi is recycled properly. Recycling your used motor oil with a Clean Burn waste oil burner reduces this pollution threat.

Your Waste Oil Is Valuable. Here’s Why You Should Avoid Waste Oil Pick-Up

Waste oil burners can seem initially expensive so you might look into waste oil pick-up services instead. However, waste oil burners usually pay for themselves in 18-24 months and after that, you can heat your business for free.

Even though there are options to have your waste oil picked up or options to drop it off at a recycling facility, there is value within the waste oil that you make. By giving your waste oil away, you are simply giving away an asset that will heat your business. Waste oil can be recycled into heat and properly disposed of in one location when you invest in a Clean Burn waste oil heater with Interstate Energy.

Cradle to Grave Responsibility

Improper disposal of waste oil is not only illegal, but can be harmful to the environment. Most hazardous waste generators are aware of their responsibilities under this law, but many fail to realize their complete cradle-to-grave requirements for complying with the RCRA regulations.

This lack of understanding can be seen in the significant number of fines, penalties, and lawsuits levied by government agencies against companies and organizations within the United States each year. The bottom line is simple: if you generate any kind of hazardous waste, you can and will be legally liable for its proper off-site transportation and storage.

You can eliminate or reduce your cradle to grave liability by investing in a used oil heating system.

Benefits of Burning Used Oil

There are many reasons why you might want to reuse waste oil at your site, including:

  • Protecting the environment by preventing waste oil spills and ground and water pollution.
  • Cutting costs and administrative hassles from waste oil disposal services.
  • Reuse waste oil on-site for heat or water boiling production.
  • Reduce your risk of having to face cradle to grave liabilities issues.
  • Overall, the benefits of burning your used oil vs waste oil pick-up are outweighed as recycling your own waste oil is the best option for most businesses.

    Are You Ready to Burn Your Used Waste Oil?

    Upgrade to a Clean Burn waste oil heater and stop burdening yourself with the waste oil pick-up process. Contact Interstate Energy today to invest in your business!