How Farmers can Benefit from a Waste Oil Furnace

Monday, 24 January 2022 11:49

From a tractor to a plow, farmers use all kinds of machinery to maximize their efficient use of the land. During the winter, you’ll likely spend more time indoors rather than out on the fields, and with the right equipment, you can heat your indoor spaces for next to no cost. With a surplus of waste oil on hand, farmers can repurpose it with a waste oil furnace and benefit greatly from the heater in multiple ways.

What is a Waste Oil Furnace?

A waste oil heater burns used oils to warm up any indoor space. The waste oil is derived from machines that can no longer use it and include two main types:

  • Used engine oil - This is what keeps moving parts like pistons, bearings, valves, gears, and other internal components running smoothly. When this oil gets old, it becomes thick and sticky, which makes it difficult to move around within the engine. If left untreated, this will eventually cause damage to the engine itself.
  • Used transmission/transaxle oil - Transmissions and transaxles use different kinds of oil than regular engines. They require special additives to keep them working properly. These additives break down over time, causing their performance to degrade. And as they get older, these oils also become thicker and more viscous.

Clean Burn waste oil furnaces can maximize the value of your used oil, which in many cases is an expense and a liability. So, why not transform your used waste oil into an asset by recycling it in a heating system instead?

How Farmers Benefit from a Waste Oil Furnace

Cost and Labor Efficiency

Finding ways to cut internal costs is beneficial for any business. With a waste oil heater, you can drastically reduce utility bills and maximize the use of your on-hand resources. Plus, this heating system requires little-to-no labor, which cuts back on your operating costs too. Check out our waste oil savings calculator to see just how much you can save.

In addition, since these systems operate on waste oil, you can cut back on your usage of propane tanks or natural gas cylinders. This means lower maintenance costs as well. After a simple installation process, you just have to feed the tank your waste oil and keep the furnace in good condition for years of recycled heat.


Burning used oil for heat has another big benefit: it replaces other fuel-energy sources. Waste oil heaters do more than just provide free heat and turn a liability into an asset. These heating solutions are also more environmentally friendly than other heating systems. Burning waste oil for heat meets the EPA's clean air regulations while also alleviating pressure on the natural gas and coal industries.

Recycling used oil is easy when you have access to a used oil heater. This unique heating system uses heat generated from burning used oil to warm up air being pumped through ducts in a given building. In addition to providing warmth, the heat helps remove moisture from the air so it won't condense onto surfaces.

As farmers rely on the environment for their livelihood, it could be greatly beneficial to invest in a waste oil heater.

Save Money and the Environment with a Waste Oil Burner

Clean Burn is the leading provider of waste oil recycling systems. Since 1986, Interstate Energy has been an authorized distributor of Clean Burn technology. We are the only Clean Burn distributor in Colorado and eastern Wyoming, and we help reduce the overhead costs of local businesses by recycling their waste oil with these efficient systems.

If you'd like to save money with a waste oil heater, contact our Clean Burn experts today!