Product Spotlight: Clean Burn CB 5000

Tuesday, 26 March 2019 21:08

Growing businesses that produce used oil can benefit from recycling it and using the used oil as energy to heat their buildings. With a variety of different systems available, you can find the perfect option for every business - from one room workshop to a multi-location organization. The CB5000 is the largest waste oil furnace that the EPA allows. Let us talk a little more about the CB5000 and find out which size of waste oil heater is right for you.

The Basic Stats of the CB5000

The CB5000 generates approximately 500,000 BTU/hour. This waste oil furnace features the same state-of-the-art technology that make Clean Burn an industry leader. The patented heat exchanger maximizes the amount of heat that is produced, while the non-welded flue tubes increase the intervals in which the CB5000 needs to be serviced or cleaned.

The CB5000 can consume a maximum of 3.3 GPH of oil and requires a 2.5 CFM air compressor and 230 VAC 60Hz, single phase 30 A circuit breaker to run. It features a 10-inch diameter stack and is 78” X 38” X 73.” It weighs approximately 1040 pounds.

Who Needs The CB5000?

As we mentioned, the CB5000 is the largest waste oil furnace available on the market. This size furnace is ideal for large repair and service facilities with multiple bays. Businesses that produce large quantities of waste oil can benefit from the CB5000.

How Does The CB5000 Compare To Factory Direct?

The CB5000 has a significant advantage on other heating systems, including factory direct. Let’s talk about some of the distinct differences the make the CB5000 a one-of-a-kind system.

The Heat Exchanger

Clean Burn utilizes patented heat exchanger technology that can’t be found in any other heating system. The CB5000 starts maximizing heat through a wide cold air intake section. The exchanger features 250% more surface area than factory direct system to maximize heat transfer, heating the air more quickly. This technology in the CB5000 ensures more heat output for your business.

The Burner

The burner in the CB5000 is specially designed for waste oil, so you can recycle with maximum efficiency. With onboard diagnostics, individual air and oil gauges, and a true hour meter, the CB5000 can be easily maintenanced when necessary.

The Pump

The pump in the CB5000 features two motors, one high torque motor for heavy duty processing and one gear motor that controls the metering pump to manage oil flow. The rest of the pump is manufactured with the highest-quality materials to ensure unmatched longevity.

The CB5000 Is The Heater For You

If your business has a lot of square footage requiring temperature control and your produce an abundance of waste oil, the CB5000 could be the heating system for you. Contact Interstate Energy today to learn more about our Clean Burn systems.