Steps You Can Take for Fall Oil Heater Maintenance

Tuesday, 13 September 2022 16:40

Autumn is here! Are you ready for the cooler weather? Even though you've already put away your warm weather clothing, there's still plenty to do and prepare before winter arrives. Many businesses don't take care of their heating systems during the summer and fall, which can lead to heating problems. Fall furnace maintenance is extremely important because no business owner wants to be without heating during unpredictable weather. If you have a used oil heater, maintenance should be your top priority in the next few weeks.

Your waste oil furnace will keep your business heated throughout the winter and will last for years, if proper maintenance is practiced. Here at Interstate Energy, we understand the importance of proper oil furnace maintenance and we recommend having our team conduct routine maintenance on your waste oil heater at least once a year. If you’re based in Colorado or eastern Wyoming, our technicians are available for any further servicing you may need.

How You Can Perform Your Own Waste Oil Heater Maintenance

Used oil furnaces are great appliances that keep your business warm during winter months. But like anything else, keeping your furnace running smoothly requires some maintenance and upkeep. Between your annual service appointments, there are some things you can do to ensure smooth operations with your heating system.

1. Make sure your oil furnace has a warranty and is registered.

2. Before you start performing any maintenance, shut down your furnace. Just flip the switch from on to off and leave the system alone for a few minutes to cool down. It is important to turn off the electricity and gas before performing any used oil heater maintenance too.

3. Check the stack regularly. The stack is the vertical tube of the waste oil burner. Brush and then tap the ashes into the elbow of the stack to loosen them. Vacuum the ash out with a vacuum hose. In a cold climate like Colorado or Wyoming, dust can quickly build up in the stack and may cause clogs. Checking your filters every few months helps prevent dirt and debris from building up in your system and causing issues down the road. Change when needed.

4. Clean your combustion chamber regularly. The combustion chamber is a crucial component of waste oil furnaces. This metal container holds the burner assembly where fuel is ignited and burns during operation. As the flame heats up, it produces large amounts of heat that are transferred to the air inside the combustion chamber. The heated air is then pumped into your facility and any harmful pollutants are removed from the property.

If you want to extend the life of your used oil furnace, make sure to clean your combustion chamber of soot and other debris a few times a year.

5. Make sure your thermostat is set correctly. You want to ensure that your oil furnace runs efficiently, so adjust the temperature accordingly.

6. Have your furnace serviced annually by a licensed Clean Burn technician.

7. Don't hesitate to call a technician if there are any issues with your waste oil furnace.

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