How To Find The Best Waste Oil Heater For Your Business

Monday, 09 March 2020 12:36

If your business generates waste oil consistently, then you need to get yourself a Clean Burn waste oil heater. These systems offer the most efficient ways to heat your workplace and save money simultaneously. You also can’t forget how these heaters mitigate your risk and promote environmental responsibility. They’re terrific systems that can benefit your business in a multitude of ways. That does not mean, though, that any system will do. If you get a waste oil heater that’s too small, you might not be able to heat your entire work environment. If the system is too large, then it will produce too much heat for your workspace. So, which option is the best waste oil heater for your business needs?

We wanted to clear the air and provide a thorough answer to this commonly asked question. Whether you operate a small car wash or a heavy equipment dealership, there’s a Clean Burn waste oil heater for your industry. Let’s dive into our product line-up and pinpoint the right waste oil heater for your workspace.

What Is The Best Waste Oil Heater For Your Needs

It is critical that you make the right choice on your waste oil heater the first time around! You don’t want to get stuck with the wrong kind of heating unit. When you are choosing the most fitting waste oil heater for your business, there are a number of factors that you need to consider first. You will need to account for:

  • The total size and shape of your workspace. Long and narrow buildings will be more difficult to properly heat than short square structures. Think through the total amount of space that you have in your building.
  • Your ceiling height. Heat rises, after all, so you need to need to account for that ceiling space. Is your ceiling taller than 14 feet? Then you might need to install ceiling fans to re-circulate the heat from your waste oil furnace.
  • The amount of waste oil that you produce. If you generate a small amount of waste oil, then a smaller waste oil heater may be the best fit for you.
  • Air infiltration. We’d recommend that you inspect any gaps around the doors and windows of your building. Even Clean Burn waste oil furnaces will have a difficult time adequately heating a “drafty” workspace.
  • Your building’s insulation. If your workspace lacks insulation, then it will lose a great amount of heat on a consistent basis. And it will lose even more heat during the winter months. Insulation helps retain heat in your building and It’s an important factor to consider when you’re selecting your waste oil heater.
  • Your current heating appliances. Do you already have some heating systems in place? If so, those appliances should influence your decision on the right heating system.

Make sure you keep these considerations in mind when selecting the best waste oil heater for your needs.

Smaller Workspaces

When you work in a smaller environment, you need to utilize the total area of your workplace to the fullest extent. Every square foot counts and you need leverage each one to your advantage. There are two waste oil heaters that are the best options for smaller workspaces. These two furnaces can effectively heat smaller work environments and help you make the most of every square foot.

The CB-140 is the smallest Clean Burn waste oil heater in our line-up. The CB-140 is incredibly compact, stretching only 5 feet in length and roughly 2 ½ feet in width and height. This economical unit pumps out 140,000 BTU/hour, making it an efficient system to heat your business. It is the best waste oil heater out there for small garages, shops, and workspaces. If you operate in a compressed area, this might be the perfect waste oil furnace for your needs.

In some situations, the CB-1750 may be the better option for your business. While this unit is roughly 3 feet longer than the CB-140, it is still a very compact heating system. With a low profile design, the CB-1750 cranks out 175,000 BTU/hour. It’s the ideal solution for facilities that produce a smaller amount of waste oil every year. If you’re reducing your waste oil output annually and you operate in a small environment, this is the right waste oil heater for you.

Large Work Environments

A more spacious work environment will have more heating-related challenges. Does your workspace have high ceilings? Do you leave garage doors open on a frequent basis for your daily operations? The additional space and the needs of your industry may demand a larger waste oil heater for your business.

The CB-2500 is the most popular waste oil heater for two- to four-bay auto repair and truck service shops. The CB-2500 has an impressive output of roughly 250,000 BTU/hour. It is a terrific waste oil heater for large facilities that produce an average of 1,000 gallons of waste oil annually. If you need to make the most of your large space, don’t worry! This heater can be mounted on the ceiling or on a platform to maximize the functionality of your space.

Depending on your business, your large workspace may be in need of a greater amount of heat. The CB-3250 could be the best waste oil heater for your large work environment. Outputting 325,000 BTU/hour, this heater can be used either as a unit heater or a central furnace to heat multiple areas. Where the CB-2500 falls short, the CB-3250 excels! The low-profile design makes it a great option for limited ceiling heights. Similar to the CB-2500, this unit can also be installed in a multitude of ways.

Industrial Spaces

Are you managing more of an industrial operation? Does your business operate in an enormous workspace? Then you know that you need advanced equipment to appropriately heat your work environment. Your waste oil heater needs to be effectively scaled to the size of your industrial operations. We’ve got the perfect Clean Burn heaters to meet those needs.

The CB-3500 is one of two industrial-grade waste oil heaters that we offer. This unit produces approximately 350,000 BTU/hour, which is an incredible amount of heat. All of those thermal units make this heater an ideal choice for service facilities with four or more bays. This unit can be installed as a single unit heater or as a central furnace for your facilities. Does your work environment generate large quantities of waste oil? If so, this might be the perfect heater for your needs.

In some cases, the CB-3500 just can’t produce the enough heat for certain work environments. Do you need even more heat for your gigantic workspace? Then the CB-5000 is the right choice for you. This waste oil furnace produces 500,000 BTU/hour and is the largest industrial waste oil heater that the EPA allows. If your workspace is incredibly large and you generate plenty of waste oil, the CB-5000 is the best waste oil heater for you.

Are you still not sure which waste oil heater is right for your business? Then contact the experts at Interstate Energy to have an informative conversation! After a brief chat, we can make appropriate recommendations on the right Clean Burn waste oil heaters for your business. There are a number of additional heating options that we didn’t discuss here too! So, we’re always happy to help and share our expertise with business owners like you.

Upgrade Your Workspace With Clean Burn Technology

When you want to effectively heat your business and reduce your risk, you should look no further than Clean Burn furnaces. No other waste oil heater on the market can match the quality and efficiency of these heaters. Give your workspace the boost that it needs by working with the only authorized Clean Burn distributor across Colorado and eastern Wyoming.

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