The CB-140: The Best Mini Waste Oil Burner on the Market

Wednesday, 26 June 2024 15:09

You know you need to find a safe way to dispose of your used oil. But you also know that it can be difficult to find the spare time to go to an oil recycling center when you’re running a business or hard at work on a project at home. Maybe you’ve heard about used oil furnaces but worry that they would take up too much space or too much money. If you’re looking to conveniently turn the waste oil from your business into free, EPA-approved heat, but worry that a large furnace is too expensive or bulky, then the mini waste oil burner CB-140 is a state-of-the-art solution.

Save on your energy bill by using the waste oil you already have in your garage, shop, or business to produce free heat with the most affordable Clean Burn used oil furnace available. When you put crankcase, ATF, hydraulic oils, or fuel oils #2, #4, or #5 into a mini l burner like the CB-140, you’re saving money on heating and safely disposing of your used oil at the same time.

The CB-140 Is the Perfect Mini Waste Oil Burner for Your Garage or Business

If you’re interested in a waste oil burner but feel like larger models would not fit into your workspace, look no further than the CB-140. The trusted Clean Burn brand brings you the reliability and versatility you expect in a small but powerful package. Here are some important stats on the best mini waste oil burner available:

Key Facts

  • The CB-140 measures up at 61” L x 32 W x 32 H when fully assembled. That’s only about 5 feet tall and 2 feet wide, so it can easily fit into almost any garage or workspace.
  • The CB-140 only needs to be cleaned once every 1000 hours of operation. It features a swing-away door to make cleaning easy, and the process should only take about 30 minutes.
  • The CB-140 has a maximum output of 140,000 BTU (41 kW) per hour. Assess your needs to determine the impact this will have in heating your home or workspace.
  • All Clean Burn waste oil furnaces are made from high-quality materials and operate at maximum efficiency.

Clean Burn furnaces are designed from the ground up to specifically burn waste oil with maximum efficiency. The CB-140 has an advanced burner that preheats the fuel, optimizing burning and getting every bit of energy out of the oil. Purchasing from a Clean Burn distributor, like Interstate, means qualified professionals will be available to answer any questions before you buy and ensure your CB-140 runs perfectly after it’s installed. Whether you’re looking to economically and easily maximize the energy output of your business or just in need of a small waste oil heater for your garage, the answer is clear.

Harness the Power of FREE Energy with Interstate

Convinced the CB-140 is the way to go? Interstate Energy is the preferred authorized Clean Burn distributor of Colorado and Eastern Wyoming. Get a professional installation and bring your heating system and waste oil recycling to a new level with a mini waste oil burner. Our trained professional technicians can help you in every step of the process, from installation and troubleshooting to repair and replacement.

If you’re looking to purchase a CB-140 or any other top-quality Clean Burn products, get in touch with Interstate Energy today and ask about our financing options.