Why Your Business Should Upgrade to a CB-140 Waste Oil Furnace

Wednesday, 14 February 2024 15:31

Are you looking to save money and increase heating efficiency in your business? Does your business generate significant waste oil that you have trouble recycling? Upgrading to a CB-140 waste oil furnace could be the solution you've been searching for. As a business owner, you understand the importance of having reliable equipment that can withstand the demands of your job. The CB-140 is specifically designed to provide a cost-effective and efficient heating solution for businesses like yours.

The Benefits of the CB-140 Waste Oil Furnace

In the world of small businesses like garages and workshops, every penny counts. Choosing a Clean Burn CB-140 for sale will help you save money on heating costs, reduce waste, and improve the overall efficiency of your operations. Learn more about the advantages of upgrading to a waste oil furnace and how it could benefit your business.

The Perfect Size for Small Space

One of the key benefits of upgrading to the CB-140 waste oil heater is its compact size and powerful performance. Producing 140,000 BTU/hour, this furnace is ideal for smaller garages and workspaces where square footage is limited. Its small footprint allows you to maximize the heating potential of your space without sacrificing efficiency.

Extended Durability and Low Maintenance

The CB-140 is specially designed to burn waste oils efficiently and effectively. With patented heat exchangers that generate more heat across a larger surface area, you can rest assured that your heating needs will be met with ease. The furnace also features unique non-welded flue tubes for extended durability, reducing the need for frequent maintenance and repairs. Additionally, the CB-140 has the longest cleaning interval of all units in its class, saving you time and money on maintenance costs.

Optimized Combustion and Maximum Efficiency

The advanced burner of the CB-140 waste oil furnace pre-heats the oil to optimize combustion and maximize efficiency. This means that you can get the most out of your waste oil, reducing fuel waste and ultimately saving money on heating costs. The lower stack temperatures and higher heat output of the CB-140 further contribute to its energy efficiency, ensuring that you get optimal output of every drop of waste oil.

No Fuel Adjustment Required

A standout feature of the CB-140 furnace is its automatic flow control, which eliminates the need for fuel adjustments. This means that you can set it and forget it, allowing you to focus on running your business without worrying about constant monitoring of the furnace. The ease of use and low maintenance requirements of the CB-140 make it a smart investment for small businesses looking to streamline their heating operations.

Unbeatable Service and Support

When you choose to upgrade to a CB-140, you also gain access to the unbeatable service and support provided by Interstate Energy. As a Clean Burn Distributor, Interstate is committed to ensuring that your heating needs are met and exceeded with professionalism and efficiency. From installation to maintenance and repairs, you can count on Interstate to provide top-notch service every step of the way.

Looking for a Clean Burn CB-140 for Sale? Come to Interstate

Upgrading to a CB-140 offers a range of benefits for small businesses that generate waste oil. From its compact size and powerful performance to its extended durability and low maintenance requirements, the CB-140 is designed to meet the unique needs of small spaces. With optimized combustion, maximum efficiency, and no fuel adjustments required, the CB-140 waste oil heater is a smart investment for businesses looking to save money, reduce waste, and improve the overall efficiency of their operations.

Contact Interstate today to learn more about upgrading to a CB-140 waste oil furnace for your business.