Your In-Depth Clean Burn Waste Oil Boiler FAQ Guide

Monday, 23 March 2020 11:25

If your business generates waste oil, then you’re already familiar with the problems that it can create. The cradle-to-grave liability places great pressure on you to deal with your waste oil in an eco-friendly manner. A Clean Burn waste oil boiler offers the perfect solution to this common problem! This innovative piece of technology reduces your liability and it helps you maximize your resource investments. Even with the numerous benefits of a waste oil water heater, business owners can tend to be apprehensive about the idea. To clear the air, our Clean Burn experts decided to answer the most frequently asked questions about waste oil water heaters.

Your Clean Burn Waste Oil Boiler FAQ

Before we dive into these questions, it can help to define our waste oil water heating systems. Clean Burn waste oil boilers are some of the most efficient water heating systems on the market. Each unit utilizes a patented burner that’s specifically designed to burn waste oil and generate hot water through the process. They’re state-of-the-art systems that can help keep your workplace efficiently heated all year round.

How Does A Clean Burn Boiler Work?

The waste oil water heating systems from Clean Burn rely on an innovative coil-tube burner (CTB) design. Your waste oil is fed into the boiler and the Clean Burn patented burner combusts the oil efficiently. This generates heat, which is transferred to the water that’s being pumped through the coils. The multi-pass heat exchanger helps capture more heat for greater efficiency and the low-mass water design reduces total heat loss. The heated water is then redistributed out of the boiler to provide heat for your facility’s needs.

What Kinds Of Oils Can Be Used?

Clean Burn waste oil water heating systems are designed to burn a wide range of oil viscosities. The three CTB boiler models that we offer can all work with crankcase, ATF, and hydraulic used oils. These systems are also fully functional with #2, #4, and #5 fuel oils.

How Much Waste Oil Do I Need To Generate For My Boiler?

In order to make your waste oil water heater a practical business decision, you need to produce at least 500 gallons of waste oil annually. If your business is close to hitting that mark, you can also burn #2 fuel oil in the boiler to heat your facilities.

It’s worth noting that each CTB model can burn through different amounts of waste oil per hour. The CTB-500 waste oil boiler, for instance, has the ability to burn up 3.57 gallons of waste oil every hour. Meanwhile our most compact unit, the CTB-200, maxes out at 1.4 gallons per hour. Depending on your annual waste oil production and your total facility space, one unit may be better suited for your needs.

Can Clean Burn Boilers Be Stacked?

Absolutely. Thanks to the narrow cabinet designs of these waste oil water heaters, multiple units can be stacked on each other. This will help maximize your heating output and your facility’s efficiency.

How Can Clean Burn Boilers Be Utilized In My Business?

Clean Burn used-oil boiler systems are incredibly versatile in their installations and applications. The hot water that they generate can be applied in your facilities in a multitude of ways. Clean Burn boiler systems may be leveraged for:

  • Heating water in a car wash
  • Space heating
  • In-floor heating systems
  • Baseboards
  • Ice melts
  • And other applications

How Often Will I Need To Clean My Boiler?

Competing waste oil water heaters may require 2 hours of cleaning for every 400 hours of operation. Thanks to the innovative design choices of Clean Burn, that cleaning interval is reduced significantly. These coil-tube boiler systems take just 30 minutes to clean every 750-1000 hours of operation. With a sing-away burner and door, cleaning your used-oil boiler has never been easier.

What Is The Environmental Impact Of Waste Oil Boilers?

Clean Burn waste oil water heaters are specifically designed to be as eco-friendly as possible. These systems meet and exceed all the EPA requirements for managing waste oil and preserving clean air. Clean Burn boilers can not only burn waste oil cleanly, they also reduce your overall energy consumption too. By conserving your natural resources this way, you’ll reduce your carbon footprint and your environmental liability.

Do Clean Burn Boilers Have Any Warranties?

Every waste oil boiler is backed by Clean Burn’s incredible industry-leading warranty offer. Clean Burn waste oil heating systems are backed up by a 10-year limited warranty on the heat exchanger/combustion chamber. In addition, Clean Burn also offers a 1-year warranty on all the burner parts. You won’t find those kinds of warranty offers with many other waste oil heater manufacturers.

Where Can I Get My Clean Burn Waste Oil Water Heater?

Through Interstate Energy! We are the only authorized distributor of Clean Burn waste oil boilers and furnaces in Colorado and eastern Wyoming. As a nationally renowned brand, we have the capacity to offer small-business dedication to our clients at their convenience. Our team of experts can handle the installation of your boiler system and repair or replace products in a timely manner. We’re here to deliver the most optimal waste oil systems to help move your company’s bottom line.

Contact us today to schedule your FREE heat loss assessment and figure out the best Clean Burn waste oil boiler for your needs.