Clean Burn Waste Oil Heaters: A Comprehensive Guide

Wednesday, 22 April 2020 12:55

If your organization generates a lot of waste oil, you know the struggles of the cradle-to-grave liability. You can be held financially responsible for accidental spills or leaks as well as proper disposal. Not to mention, there are myriad environmental regulations you need to adhere to. But what if you could take your used oil and recycle it to heat your business? With Clean Burn waste oil heaters, you can.

What is a Clean Burn waste oil heater?

A Clean Burn waste oil heater is a furnace that burns used oil to create more heat, for a fraction of the cost. By burning used oil, companies can turn an expensive liability into a valuable asset. Clean Burn waste oil heaters are the most efficient and cost-effective model on the market.

How Clean Burn waste oil heaters can save you money

Believe it or not, waste oil has twice the energy value of coal. And it produces more energy than #2 fuel oil. When it’s all said and done, your waste oil is worth roughly $3.00/gallon when it’s used to heat your business.

If you’re still skeptical, check out this online savings calculator to calculate your potential Clean Burn savings. Whether you’re heating your business with propane, natural gas, or fuel oil, switching to waste oil can significantly reduce your overhead expenses.

With a waste oil heater, you also don’t have to worry about disposing of your used waste oil. Instead of spending money on a disposal agency, you can recycle it and avoid any costs associated with generating waste oil.

Why Clean Burn waste oil heaters are good for the environment

Clean Burn waste oil heaters don’t just decrease operating costs. They benefit the environment too. And in today’s society, sustainability and clean energy are more important than ever before. In fact, 92% of people say they are more likely to trust a company that supports environmental issues.

By recycling your waste oil, you’re creating an alternative energy source that doesn’t require burning more natural resources, which greatly benefits the environment. Clean Burn waste oil heaters also meet the Clean Air Act requirements set by the Environmental Protection Agency.

And lastly, you significantly reduce the chances of an oil spill or contamination. Clean Burn waste oil heaters are a great economic and environmental option.

Are Clean Burn waste oil heaters safe?

Clean Burn waste oil heaters are designed with safety in mind. Made with light, stainless steel smart technology, these heaters are less prone to corrosion, breakage, or warping compared to traditional models.

Clean Burn oil heaters are also low maintenance machines. With proper service, your waste-oil furnace won’t need to be replaced anytime soon. You can rest easy knowing your oil heater is safe and reliable.

Finding a Clean Burn service provider

If you’re ready to turn your liability into an asset, reach out to us at Interstate Energy. We are the only authorized Clean Burn equipment provider in Colorado and Eastern Wyoming. Start saving money and protecting the environment by reaching out to us today.