Trying to Go Green? Opt for Clean-Energy Waste Oil Heaters

Friday, 31 July 2020 15:34

Heating your business can be expensive. Aside from increasing operating costs, traditional heating options aren’t necessarily good for the environment either. Heating methods that use coal, oil, and natural gas damage the environment in more ways than one. This includes an increased risk of oil spills, more air pollution, and further contribution to climate change. If you’re trying to go green without breaking the bank, clean energy waste oil heaters could be exactly what you need.

What are waste oil heaters?

A waste oil heater is a type of furnace or boiler that is fueled by used oil and free from hazardous contaminants. Some types of waste oil burners can also burn #2 fuel oil if needed.

What makes waste oil heaters more environmentally friendly?

Believe it or not, waste oil possesses almost twice as much energy as coal and #2 fuel oil. Just one gallon of waste oil has the same amount of energy as 18 kWh of electricity. When you recycle your used oil, you utilize an alternative energy source that doesn’t require the extraction of more natural gas or fuel oil supplies. For every gallon of waste oil you recycle, you prevent a gallon of oil or gas from entering the distribution chain.

Burning waste oil also eliminates the risk of spills and environmental contamination. Not only that, but waste oil heaters are also recognized by the EPA as an effective method to preserve clean air.

What advantages do waste oil heaters have over other environmentally-friendly options?

Compared to other green energy sources of heat, waste oil furnaces can boost your bottom line faster. Similar to waste oil heating, both geothermal and solar heating options are environmentally-friendly ways to produce energy. However, these green heating options almost always require a larger investment upfront than waste oil heaters.

On average, the return on investment for solar heating is 12-15 years and 5-7 years for geothermal heating. With a waste oil heater, the average length of payback is just 18-24 months, depending on how cold it is in your region. After just a year and a half, you could be heating your business for free with a clean-energy waste oil heater.

For a more accurate savings estimate, check out our waste oil savings calculator. To figure out how much you would save, just put in how you are currently heating your business and how much used oil you generate on average. It’s really that easy!

Are clean-energy waste oil heaters right for your business?

Waste oil heaters are great for businesses that want to go green and save on energy costs. Of course, your business needs to generate waste oil in order to get the most benefits from your investment. Most frequently, our clean-energy waste oil heaters are used by auto repair companies, dealerships, car washes, construction companies, ranchers, farmers, mining companies, taxi companies, and trucking companies.

Where can I buy a clean-energy waste oil heater in Colorado or Eastern Wyoming?

If you’re interested in buying a waste oil heater in Colorado or Eastern Wyoming, reach out to us at Interstate Energy. Owned and operated by U.S. Veterans, Jeff and Christine, we pride ourselves on a customer- and community-oriented business model. As the only authorized Clean Burn distributor in the area, we offer a small business feel with big business capabilities.

Contact us today to learn more about our clean-energy waste oil heaters.