How a Waste Oil Burner Can Make Your Business More Environmentally Conscious

Tuesday, 05 April 2022 10:51

A waste oil burner is a type of furnace that burns used oil to heat enclosed spaces. These burners rely on used oil as fuel and may use different types of oil products that have not yet been used Waste oil furnaces and burners are great for businesses that generate large amounts of waste oil and they offer many “green” benefits for your company.

Let’s touch on some of the ways that this simple system can make your business more environmentally sustainable.

Why Clean Burn Waste Oil Burners are Important

Recycling waste oil for heat reduces the number of potential waste products that may enter the environment. When you contract with someone to transport your used oil, they are taking away a valuable resource by transporting it. You could instead use your waste oil to create free heat with a Clean Burn heating system.

Cradle-to Grave Liability

The infamous cradle-to‑grave liability is the liability that you assume when you transport hazardous waste. The federal government holds companies directly and irrevocably liable for pollution control, cleanup, and the proper disposal of waste oil products. In other words, your liability for waste oil exists until it is destroyed.

Why a Clean Burn Waste Oil Burner is Environmentally Conscious

Improper disposal of waste oil contributes to more than 200 million gallons of oil spilled every year. An example of the dangers involved when disposing of used oil can be seen in Castro and Ellsworth Maine. In those locations, millions of dollars have been spent cleaning up waste oil, which has resulted in the contamination of the groundwater and soil.

In those areas, waste oil from military bases and auto dealerships was kept in storage tanks from the 1960s to the 1980s. These tanks were partially underground and over time, the oil seeped into the surrounding soil, causing concern about groundwater contamination.

During the early 2000s, about 6,800 tons of contaminated soil were removed from an abandoned waste oil site in Castro and Ellsworth. Abandoned waste oil is not only dangerous, but it is expensive too – $2.5 million has already been spent on clean­ing up the Ellsworth site. It is estimated that an additional $4.2 million are needed to fully clean up the site.

How a Waste Oil Burner Properly Disposes of Used Oil

A waste oil burner is environmentally safe due to the proper disposal of the oil products. Waste oil heaters are used to heat rooms and burn waste oil as fuel. The used oil is filtered and then heated to an optimal temperature within the machine. The hot oil is drawn into a combustion chamber where the heated oil increases the temperature of the internal air, which is then blown out to warm the surrounding space. The exhaust gases are safely removed from the building using a fan.

This system eliminates your cradle-to-grave liability and can simultaneously optimize your operating budget.

Start Burning Waste Oil Safely and Responsibility Today

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