Protect Colorado's Environment with Clean Burn Products

Tuesday, 25 April 2023 14:22

Colorado is no stranger to air pollution. With its booming energy and transportation sectors, there are numerous environmental challenges for businesses to deal with. Fortunately, Clean Burn products and technology can offer eco-friendly solutions for businesses in Colorado.

If your company produces waste oil a regular basis, then it is worth investing in one of these unique products.

The Beneficial Environmental Impact of Clean Burn in Colorado

If you're curious about how Clean Burn waste oil technology works and its potential for a positive environmental impact, keep reading.

What is Waste Oil?

Waste oil is any type of oil that has become unusable due to contamination or deterioration. These oil byproducts can come from a variety of sources, including vehicle engines, industrial machinery, and other heating systems. Waste oil is considered hazardous because it may contain harmful chemicals or heavy metals that can be harmful to the environment and human health.

Enter Clean Burn Waste Oil Technology

First introduced in 1979, Clean Burn waste oil heating systems are an innovative piece of technology that allows for heat recovery through waste oil combustion in a self-contained, efficient, and affordable system.

Clean Burn boilers and furnaces are specifically engineered to recycle used oil to generate heat. Clean Burn products can burn waste oils generated by cars, trucks and other types of heavy equipment.

The Harmful Effects of Waste Oils

Waste oils are a burden on the environment when not properly handled. When not disposed of properly, waste oil can contaminate soil and bodies of water, leading to negative impacts on ecosystems.

The chemicals found in waste oils, such as benzene and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, are known carcinogens and can cause respiratory problems if inhaled. Exposure to these chemicals can also lead to skin irritation and other health issues. These same chemicals can wreak havoc on ecosystems of all sizes. It is important to properly dispose of waste oils by taking them to designated collection sites or utilizing recycling programs and technology like Clean Burn in Colorado.

How CB Systems Helps Protect the Environment

CBurn boilers and furnaces work to turn a used product into valuable fuel which conserves energy and resources. Using Clean Burn in Colorado is a logical solution in a world grappling with significant environmental issues. Recycling waste oil through on-site heat recovery systems can mitigate your risks of spills and contamination. Utilizing waste oils as a fuel source also reduces demand on natural gas and fuel oil supplies.

Clean Burn waste oil combustion is compliant with all Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) regulations for promoting clean air. These innovative pieces of equipment are recognized by the EPA and similar agencies globally as a preferred method for recycling used motor oils.

Help Keep Colorado's Environment Safe with Clean Burn Products

Interstate Energy, Inc. has been an authorized distributor of Clean Burn technology in Colorado and eastern Wyoming since 1986. As the sole authorized distributors of CB heaters in the area, our services assist businesses in Colorado and Wyoming lower their expenses and carbon footprint by reusing their waste oil.

Contact us today for a free heat loss assessment and evaluation of what waste oil products are best for you!