The Exclusive Guide To The Most Economical Waste Oil Burner

Monday, 04 November 2019 09:58

When you’re looking for a waste oil burner, look no further than Clean Burn systems. Designed specifically to burn used and waste oil - unlike others on the market that are adapted to do so - our models are the most efficient choice out there. Depending on the needs of your business, you have a wide variety of choices, from the small, economical CB-140 to the ductable CB-5000. Let’s discuss the benefits of our most economical waste oil burner, the CB-140 and how to know if it’s the right heating system for you.

A Brief Overview of the CB-140

The CB-140 is the smallest waste oil burner we offer, but it still harnesses all the power of Clean Burn technology and manufacturing. Producing 140,000 BTU per hour, the CB-140 is ideal for small garages, shops, and workspaces.

Designed For Waste Oil

While small in stature, the CB-140 is far from a small producer. Why, you might ask? Because, just like all of the waste oil burners manufactured by Clean Burn, the CB-140 is engineered from the ground up to burn waste oils. This means that the inefficiencies you see from other oil burning heaters that can burn waste oil but aren’t designed to do so don’t exist. When you’re operating a small heating system, efficiency counts. So, we made it the center of our design for the CB-140.

Generates Maximum Heat

In addition to being designed specifically for waste oil, our technology features a number of patented designs that support maximum heat production. Our waste oil burners have a heat exchanger designed to maximize surface area so that even our smallest model generates the most heat possible. Our reduced stack temperatures also play into this, facilitating a higher heat output so you can get the most from your CB-140 waste oil burner.

Minimizing Maintenance Needs

At Clean Burn, we’re passionate about making your life easier. That’s why when we designed our waste oil burners, we considered what the maintenance should look like - not just what people had become accustomed to. Not only does our design lend itself to extended cleaning intervals, but it also features a swing away door and other niceties that make maintenance much easier when it does need to be done. Typically, the smaller the model, the more frequently it needs to be cleaned out. That’s not the case with the CB-140. This waste oil burner boasts the longest cleaning interval of all the units in its class.

Advanced Technology Supports Operation

With our waste oil burners, there’s no guess and check when it comes to the metrics of your machine. With advanced technology that automates the flow control, you don’t have to continuously adjust the fuel to get the most efficient burn. The CB-140 has the internal engineering to handle all the tedious maintenance tasks itself.

Unparalleled Support From Clean Burn Technicians

Arguably, one of the biggest benefits you can reap from the CB-140 is the unrivaled technical support being a Clean Burn owner comes with. Not only are our technicians trained in our proprietary machinery, but they are also local. This means they are available to you when and where you need them - no questions asked.

Get Your CB-140 Waste Oil Burner Today

If you’re running a small shop or garage, you’re likely generating plenty of used oil that is a major expense on your P&L. With a waste oil burner, you can turn that expense and liability into an asset that generates free heat for your space.

Contact Interstate Energy today to learn how much a CB-140 waste oil burner can save you.