What To Look For In An Industrial Waste Oil Burner

Monday, 09 December 2019 17:09

When you’re operating a major shop or garage, you have to be very selective when it comes to the machinery you invest in. After all, it’s key to your operation. Over the years it has become commonplace to associate manufacturing with industrial-quality machinery. That’s not the case, though. Just because it’s been manufactured does not mean that the equipment in question is capable of handling an industrial load. When it comes to an industrial waste oil burner, this distinction is all the more important. Recycling your waste oil is serious business and doing so incorrectly can result in major fines, so it’s essential that you find the machinery that has all the fail safes in place to help you recycle your waste oil successfully. Let’s talk about how you can find an industrial waste oil burner that is, in fact, industrial quality.

Identifying A Quality Industrial Waste Oil Burner

There are a couple of key elements that can make or break an industrial waste oil burner. In order to heat a large, industrial space, you need equipment that operates at peak efficiency all the time. Here are some of the factors that can help you find exactly that.

Don’t Go For An Assembled Heater

There are two different types of waste oil systems: manufactured and assembled. The difference can have a dramatic effect on how well a piece of equipment operates. An assembled waste oil burner is put together after all the pieces are manufactured, often at different plants. A manufactured waste oil burner has all the components created in a single location and is put together on site. Why does that matter? Because if there is even the slightest problem with one of the elements that’s been produced at one of the many plants for an assembled product, it’s too late to fix it by the time a customer realizes there is an issue. A manufactured piece of equipment is going to be a much better choice for an industrial waste oil burner because the process significantly decreases the chance for error.

Look For A Machine Designed For Waste Oil

The next thing you’ll want to look for in an industrial waste oil burner is a design that specifically accommodates waste oil. When you generate waste oil, there’s a lot of associated overhead costs, not to mention extensive liability. Recycling it with a waste oil burner is a great way to reduce costs, but the measure can only be so effective without the tools to do so efficiently. The right choice for an industrial waste oil burner must be optimized specifically for used oil.

There are a lot of heating systems out there that can burn waste oil, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they should. Look for a waste oil heating system that uses waste oil as the primary means of fuel to ensure maximum efficiency.

Find A Scalable System

An industrial operation requires a lot more advanced equipment than a smaller shop or garage. When it comes to waste oil burners, you want to look for one that can be scaled to the size you need. Look for an industrial waste oil burner that can be ducted so that you can effectively heat your entire space with recycled oil.

Don’t Settle When It Comes To Support

In an industrial operation, you can’t wait when something goes wrong. You need experienced support as soon as possible because you’re losing money every minute you’re down. When you’re looking for an industrial waste oil burner to support your operation, you need to find one that is supported by a robust team of technicians who are well trained in that particular piece of equipment. Additionally, you’ll want someone who is local to your business so they can come out to your site if needed.

Get The Best Industrial Waste Oil Burner In The Industry

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