How To Find The Best Waste Oil Burner

Wednesday, 02 October 2019 14:31

When you’re looking for equipment that will help you transform your used and waste oil from a liability into an asset, you want only the best. As a business owner, there are a lot of regulations around recycling and disposing of oil, so the tools you use to manage that part of your business should not be something you skimp on. As the only authorized Clean Burn distributors in Colorado and Eastern Wyoming, we know a thing or two about what makes a good waste oil burner. We want to share a few tips with you so that you, too, can find the best waste oil burner on the market.

What Makes A Waste Oil Burner Great?

There are a lot of different elements that go into making the best waste oil burner. From the initial design to installation and maintenance, even just one faux pas can counteract all the good of this intricate equipment. Let’s go over a few things you want to look for when you’re in the market for a waste oil burner.

Manufactured Versus Assembled

This is a key distinction that many people don’t realize can make such a difference. There are two different ways to put together a waste oil burner. The first is to have all of the individual components manufactured and shipped to an assembly plant where the burner is put together. This method of building a waste oil burner has its risks. First, there’s a lot of opportunity for error with this model. Even just the slightest problem with one of the individual components of your waste oil burner is going to impact how efficiently it operates. Secondly, there is a durability aspect that’s lacking with assembled waste oil burners.

The best waste oil burner is going to be manufactured, which means every component is made and put together in the same facility, decreasing the chance for error. Manufactured waste oil burners also have the advantage of being manufactured for that specific purpose. Clean Burn furnaces are designed for used and waste oil first and other fuels second, unlike many of the other waste oil burners on the market that are just your average furnace that happens to also burn used or waste oil.

Functionality Of Your Waste Oil Burner

A few other areas of comparison that will help you identify the best waste oil burner are going to be in the actual function of the machine itself. Here’s a few things to look for:

  • Air Intake - How much cool air is the waste oil burner able to bring in and at what rate? The more cool air you can bring in, the more warm air you can put out.
  • Stack Design - What design elements make up the stack? Is there a lot of opportunity for heat to escape from your burner?
  • Surface Area - How much surface area is available to heat and transfer air? How efficiently does the waste oil burner do so?
  • Flue Tubes - Are the flue tubes welded and at risk of cracking? Look for swedged tubes that accommodate expansion better to prolong the life of your waste oil burner.
  • Materials - What materials make up the equipment? How much does the system weigh? When it comes to the best waste oil burner, you want carbon steel that’s heavy. These two components together indicate a high-quality and durable piece of equipment.

You’ll want to talk at length with your waste oil burner manufacturer to understand how and why the equipment is designed the way that it is. There will be a reason behind every component in the best waste oil burners. If there’s not, you’ll have to question whether or not that piece of machinery is the best investment for your business.

Service & Support

A waste oil burner is only as good as the service provider that supports it. When you’re looking for the best waste oil burner on the market, make sure that it’s supported by experienced technicians who can help you with installation and maintenance for the lifespan of your burner. Look for a waste oil burner dealer that’s local and willing to travel to you when you need help. Anything less just won’t do in today’s service-oriented society.

Get The Best Waste Oil Burner From Interstate Energy

Clean Burn has long-since been recognized as the #1 provider of waste oil burners. The manufactured design is engineered specifically for used and waste oil so that all potential inefficiencies are mitigated. If your business generates used or waste oil, there’s no reason not to turn a huge liability into an asset with a waste oil burner.

Contact Interstate Energy, the only authorized Clean Burn distributor in Colorado and Eastern Wyoming today to get a heat assessment and learn how much money you can save with the best waste oil burner on the market.