Are You Looking for a Waste Oil Burning Heater for Your Garage?

Wednesday, 30 November 2022 10:09

The waste oil that you produce can actually be a very valuable asset for you! If you install an efficient waste oil heater, your waste oil can become a valuable resource for your company or organization. However, that doesn't mean any ordinary waste oil furnace will do the job. If you're working in a smaller space or garage, then you’ll need a more specialized system that’s designed for your unique space. If you’re interested in getting a waste oil burning heater for a garage or small workspace, you'll get the best results by using a small, efficient furnace, like the CB-140.

What sets this small used oil heater apart from others? We're going to take a look at the inner workings of this heating system today.

CB-140: A Perfect Waste Oil Burning Heater for a Garage

The CB-140 is the most compact and affordable waste oil burner made by Clean Burn. This heater produces up to 140,000 BTUs per hour (hence the “140” in the name), making it an ideal choice for small garages and workshops.

This heating system can be used for burning both used oil and regular fuels , including #2, #3, #4, and even #5 diesel fuels. The entire system measures approximately 13.5 square feet in total space, so it can fit perfectly into any garage without getting in the way of your day-to-day. With the 140 model, your office space will be effectively heated without having to sacrifice much room for the unit.

History of Clean Burn Waste Oil Heaters

The first Clean Burn waste oil heaters were introduced in 1979 and the product line has expanded greatly over the last several decades. There are plenty of small waste oil furnaces on the market today, so you have many options to choose from when looking for a waste oil burning heater for your garage.

So why should you leverage this small furnace over the other waste oil heating systems available today? The CB-140 model offers a number of advantages that you can’t find anywhere else.

Efficiency is Key

Clean Burn has designed this compact furnace to be as efficient as it possibly can be. To optimize that efficiency, Clean Burn engineered their 140 model to include both carbon and stainless steels.

What were the reasons behind their choice of materials? The carbon and stainless steels help:

  • Maximize Heat - Carbon steel has significant thermal conductivity, sitting at around 45 watts per kelvin per meter. The carbon steel increases heat production and power significantly.

  • Exceptional Durability – Stainless steels are used strategically throughout the design to enhance durability, reliability, and longevity.

  • Flexibility – Clean Burn furnaces can be used either as a single unit heater or as a central ductile heating system. You can use the heater to warm up anywhere you want.

Easy and Efficient Maintenance

Clean Burn thought through every aspect of its product development before launching. The Clean Burn 140 has the longest cleaning interval among all models in its class (about 1,000 hours of operation). When you do need to clean it, the procedure is simple and straightforward. Thanks to the swing-way burner and door, cleaning your heater have never been easier.

Unmatched Clean Burn Warranty

You'll be happy to hear that Clean Burn heating systems are backed by the best warranty offer in the industry. Their warranty provides a no-hassle, 100% replacement for your furnace heat exchanger or combustion chamber for 10 years or 15,000 hours (whichever comes first). Talk about a great warranty offer!

However, that's not all. There's more When you purchase your heater through Interstate Energy, you'll find that we go the extra mile with our customer service and support. With your compact waste oil heating system, we will provide:

  • 24/7 Phone Support - Speak with our technical experts any time of the day for assistance with troubleshooting, maintenance, and more.

  • On-Site Furnace Maintenance - Our technicians will come to you to help solve your problem in-person.

  • Next-Day Parts Delivery - Whatever parts you need; we can deliver them to you in 24 hours for self-service maintenance.

Learn How the CB-140 is a Perfect Waste Oil Burning Heater for Your Garage

It's time to stop worrying about used oil spills and your cradle-to-grave liability. You can instead turn your liability into an asset for your small workspace with a small waste oil heater. We are here to help you meet your bottom line while staying environmentally friendly.

At Interstate Energy, we are the only authorized distributor of Clean Burn products in Colorado and Wyoming. Contact Interstate Energy today to learn more about your options for Clean Burn waste oil heating solutions.