Your Options For Waste Oil Heating Systems In Colorado

Wednesday, 08 January 2020 19:46

When you run a business that generates any amount of waste oil, you know how much of a hassle it is to deal with. Not only do you have to facilitate the proper disposal of the waste oil you generate, but you also have cradle-to-grave liability that holds you responsible for anything that happens to that waste oil even after it’s left your premises. It’s a major overhead expense, even when you don’t have any legal issues due to improper disposal. So, what if we told you there was a way to turn that expense into an asset that saves you money across multiple line items? With the right waste oil heating systems, you can eliminate the expenses of disposing of your waste oil while reducing your liability because you’re bringing the management of your oil in-house. Additionally, you can eliminate the expenses of traditional heating and fuel. Let’s dive into the options available for waste oil heating systems in Colorado.

Clean Burn: The Best Waste Oil Heating Systems In Colorado

You have your options for waste oil heating systems, but they are not all created equal. Clean Burn has dominated the market, especially in recent years, by manufacturing an elite piece of equipment and raising the standard of waste oil recycling. Clean Burn has brought a few key elements to the forefront of the design including:

  • Engineering specifically for waste oil
  • Manufactured design, instead of assembled
  • Extended cleaning interval for easy maintenance
  • Design features to accommodate maintenance
  • Ducting capabilities
  • Various size ranges to accommodate different operations
  • And so much more

Let’s review some of the various models of waste oil heating systems Clean Burn offers to help you identify the right choice for your business.

An Overview Of Clean Burn Heating Systems

With 6 different sizes of waste oil heating systems available, ranging in production from 140,000 BTU/hour to 500,000 BTU/hour, you have choices that will customize the heating capabilities to the needs of your business.

  • CB-140 - The CB-140 is the smallest of our waste oil heating systems, producing 140,000 BTU/hour. By maximizing the surface area for heat transfer, this model produces plenty of heat for small garages and auto shops.
  • CB-1750 - This is the smallest waste oil heating system in the low-profile design. Maximizing the heat production from smaller amounts of waste oil, this is a very flexible option for businesses that have less consistent or low amounts of waste oil generated over time.
  • CB-2500 - The 2500 is the most popular model. While it’s larger and produces more heat per hour, it’s still easily mounted to maintain floor space, making it ideal for mid-sized operations.
  • CB-3250 - This is the largest of our low-profile waste oil heating systems, producing 325,000 BTU/hour. With flexible installation options, this model is ideal for spaces that have height limitations.
  • CB-3500 - This is the smaller of our industrial grade waste oil heating systems. The size and heat production is ideal for shops with four or more bays that generate large quantities of waste oil. The industrial design can be used as a unit heater or as a central furnace.
  • CB-5000 - Rounding out our selections for waste oil heating systems is the CB-5000. This is the largest option we offer, generating 500,000 BTU/hour. It’s ideal for large repair or service facilities that generate quite a bit of waste oil.

Selecting The Right Waste Oil Heating Systems In Colorado

This list of various options may seem overwhelming - especially if you’ve never used a heating system designed to recycle waste oil before. That’s why we have on-site technicians who are available 24/7 to support you. From selection to installation to ongoing support, you’ll have a partner in recycling when you opt for a Clean Burn waste oil heating system.

If you’re looking for the perfect waste oil furnace to move your bottom line and heat your facility, contact the experts in waste oil heating systems at Interstate Energy today.