4 Benefits of Waste Oil Boilers for Your Business

Tuesday, 09 June 2020 15:09

Heating your business can be costly. But if you generate a steady supply of used oil, it doesn’t have to be. With a waste oil boiler, you can heat your business with your used oil for a fraction of the costs. At Interstate Energy, we’re here to breakdown the benefits of using waste oil boilers in Colorado and eastern Wyoming.

What are waste oil boilers?

Waste oil boilers are a type of forced hot water system that heats water with used oil and then pushes it through pipes to heat a building.

Normally, after oil has been used, you have to work with a third-party service provider who will take your used oil to a disposal facility where it can be properly burned or recycled. But, if your used oil is going to be burned anyway, that poses the question: why not burn it yourself? With a waste oil boiler, you can.

Not only do you have a safe way to dispose of your used oil, but you can also use it to heat your business. It’s a win-win solution to two common operational issues.

What are the benefits of a waste oil boiler?

Waste oil heaters offer a long list of benefits for your business. Although each organization will benefit in different ways, there are many common ways that a waste oil boiler will positively impact your business.

1. Significantly reduced heating expenses

Perhaps the biggest benefit of a waste oil boiler is the cost-savings. Whether you’re currently heating your business with propane, electric, natural gas, or #2 fuel oil, using to a waste oil heater can lead to big-time savings. To see just how much, use our waste oil savings calculator.

2. No EPA cradle-to-grave liability

Oil poses a significant threat to both human life and the environment if it’s not disposed of properly. As a result, the EPA has established a cradle-to-grave liability that ensures oil is managed safely from the time it’s created to the time it’s disposed of. This creates a lot of liability for companies who have to deal with the disposal of their used oil. With a waste oil boiler, you don’t have to worry about the time, costs, or hassle of proper disposal. Instead, you can recycle it to burn clean fuel, effectively turning your liability into an asset.

3. Environmentally-friendly

In addition to cutting costs and recycling your used oil, waste oil heaters are environmentally-friendly. Waste oil boilers reduce the risk of contamination spills, save natural gas and fuel oil resources, and meet the EPA’s requirements for preserving clean air.

4. Clean Burn advantage

There are a number of waste oil heaters on the market, but none compare to Clean Burn. Unlike other burners on the market, Clean Burn boilers use synthetic oil *and* waste oil, ATF, and hydraulic oil. To ensure durability and longevity, these boilers are designed with strategic placements of stainless steel. With Clean Burn, you get the highest quality product that is backed by the unmatched customer service of Interstate Energy.

Learn more about waste oil boilers in Colorado and Eastern Wyoming

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