4 Things to Consider When Searching for a Waste Oil Burner Service

Wednesday, 15 July 2020 12:58

If your business generates a lot of waste oil, it’s better to burn it than have it hauled away. Not only is it better for your bottom line, but it also offers many environmental benefits too. However, not every waste oil burner service will result in the same cost-savings. If you’re considering switching to a waste oil burner, here are four things to look for in a service provider.

Variety of waste oil heater products

Waste oil heaters are not a one-size-fits-all solution. The heater you need will depend on the volume of the waste oil you generate and the size of your business. For that reason, it’s best to work with a service provider who offers a wide variety of waste oil heaters.

At Interstate Energy, we have an extensive line-up of quality Clean Burn waste oil heaters that range in terms of size and power so you can find the perfect waste oil heater for your business in our portfolio of products. In addition to offering multiple models of waste oil burners and boilers, we also offer other Clean Burn waste oil products, such as recycling systems, radiant heaters, pressure washers, and air compressors.

Support for your heating system throughout its life cycle

Some waste oil burner service providers will sell you a heater and then leave you to figure things out on your own should any problems arise down the road. Though waste oil heaters are typically durable machines, they’ll need routine servicing and maintenance from time-to-time. Unless you’re a waste oil heating expert, those servicing tasks could be tough to handle all on your own.

At Interstate Energy, we take customer service very seriously as we support our clients from the installation to routine repairs. Our waste oil technicians are here to ensure that your business is supported throughout the lifespan of your waste oil furnace.

Phone support and on-site maintenance

If your heater malfunctions, that can be bad news for your business. And more likely than not, you don’t have time to wait around for service requests. On the off chance that something should go wrong, you’ll want to work with a service provider who offers 24/7 phone support and on-site maintenance.

With that kind of support, you can easily get your heater back up and running rather than wait around for a technician to get back to you.

Unlimited warranties

Purchasing a waste oil heater is obviously an investment, and to get the best return on that investment, you’ll want a machine that is built to last. At Interstate Energy, we whole-heartedly believe in the durability of our Clean Burn heaters, so we offer a 100% replacement for your heat exchanger or for the combustion chamber for 10 years or 15,000 hours.

As an authorized Clean Burn distributor, we are incredibly proud to offer the only 100% unlimited warranty in the waste oil heating industry.

Leverage a Colorado or Eastern Wyoming waste oil burner service

If you’re located in Colorado or eastern Wyoming, reach out to us at Interstate Energy. We are the only authorized Clean Burn distributors in the area. Since our start in 1986, we’ve helped hundreds of businesses just like yours transition to a more economic and environmentally-friendly heating option.

So, what are you waiting for? Contact us today to get started on your waste oil burner service!