4 Reasons Auto Shops Should Consider Waste Oil Heating

Tuesday, 16 July 2019 14:26

Running any business comes with overhead costs. Some are more expensive than others; some are more essential to the operation than others; but at the end of the day they all go into the balance sheet. If you’re running an auto shop, waste oil disposal is going to be a key player on your balance sheet. When your operation produces waste oil, you have to do something with it. The go-to is often disposal, but this is a costly, not to mention risky, endeavor that comes with high liability for your business. Waste oil heating is an alternative that, if you’re not already familiar, offers expansive benefits for the business, the environment, and the bottom line.

How Waste Oil Heating Benefits Auto Shops

1. Waste Oil Heating Reduces Your Overhead Costs And Liability

Waste oil can’t just sit around or be thrown out back. It has to be shipped off-site within 90 days of being generated. If you exceed the 90 day timeline, you can be subjected to fines. So there’s your first few overhead costs - storage, maintenance, shipping, fines. Additionally, you’ll need to contract with a transportation organization that specializes in waste oil disposal. You’ll want to hire audited and well-respected disposal companies not only because poorly-handled waste oil is dangerous to the environment but also because you have cradle-to-grave liability, meaning even after your waste oil is taken off-site you will be financially and legally responsible for anything that happens with it. Your liability for waste oil is complicated, so you want to be sure you understand it fully so you can avoid expensive fines.

This is where waste oil heating comes in handy. With the right machinery, you don’t have to worry about shipping it off-site, thus eliminating the need to pay a third-party disposal company and greatly reducing your risk of being fined if something goes wrong.

2. Auto Shops Can Save Money With Waste Oil Heating

In addition the major savings in outsourcing disposal and liability risks, when you invest in waste oil heating, you no longer have to invest in traditional heating. You can bring a number of your overhead expenses in-house, eliminating the third party altogether. Depending on how you currently heat your facility, you can save anywhere from $4,000 to $300,000 with a Clean Burn waste oil heater. Check out our savings calculator to see the kind savings your auto shop could reap if you make the switch to waste oil heating.

3. Support A Healthy Environment By Recycling

The idea of going green has been a goal for many organizations for a long time. Now that Millennials are making most of the purchasing decisions, sustainability and corporate responsibility are essential. Whether you’re running the local auto shop or an international Fortune 500 company, if you’re not environmentally conscious in your business decisions you won’t last long with the new generation of buyers. Waste oil heating gives you the ability to make these kind of sustainable business decisions without blowing your budget out of the water.

4. Waste Oil Heating Offers Unparalleled Flexibility

Our Clean Burn heaters come in all different sizes so you can find a heating system that perfectly supports your space. Additionally, our units can be used as stand alone systems or ducted to heat a larger facility.

Another key benefit of waste oil heating in an auto shop is the ability to loft our heating systems to the wall or ceiling so that they aren’t taking up space on your shop floor.

Rebalance Your Auto Shop Finances With A Waste Oil Heater

At the end of the day, recycling your waste oil makes sense for nearly every business that generates, and even some businesses that don’t. If you want to reduce risk, save money, and benefit the environment, waste oil heating may be the next step.

Contact our waste oil recycling experts at Interstate Energy today to learn more about how waste oil heating can move your bottom line and increase your ROI.