Are Used Motor Oil Heaters Sustainable?

Thursday, 17 February 2022 13:30

Motor vehicles are known for their gas consumption, but the conversation surrounding the used oil is hardly brought to the forefront. The oil cars use to run must be changed every few months to keep the engine running smoothly. But where does the used oil go when it is changed out at the mechanic? While many mechanics may send off their loads of used oil to third-party handlers, used motor oil heaters may be the more sustainable and efficient method of disposal.

Let’s dive into these heating solutions and how they can benefit your sustainability.

Why Used Motor Oil Heaters Are a Sustainable Heating Solution

Improper Disposal of Used Oil

Tens of millions of barrels of oil lubricant cycle through vehicle engines around the world each year. U.S. drivers alone produce about 1.3 billion gallons of dirty used motor oil annually. And the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) estimates 200 million gallons of used motor oil (757,082 liters) are dumped illegally each year. (

Used oil is extremely toxic to the natural environment. When used oil is disposed of improperly, there are major consequences for the environment and yourself. However, used motor oil can actually be recycled for another use: heat.

Recycling Used Oil Eliminates Risk of Contamination

Improper disposal of used oil isn't only illegal; it's incredibly damaging to the environment. Even the smallest leak or spill can contaminate entire ecosystems including rivers, lakes, and large bodies of water.

There is an upswing in efforts to enhance sustainability with climate change on the front page of the newspaper on a weekly basis. Finding new ways to recycle and reuse resources can make all the difference.

If you deal with used oil frequently, you likely already know just how high-risk the disposal process can be. However, with a used oil furnace, you can recycle the used motor oil to create heat for your business. In fact, Clean Burn used oil furnaces are fueled by the waste oil extracted from a variety of machines, including cars.

Used Motor Oil Heaters are Better for the Environment

Waste oil burners are a great solution for excess motor oil in mechanic shops. Many mechanics and similar businesses use natural gas to heat their space in the winter months. However, these specialty burners recycle used oil and don’t rely on natural gas – an environmental win-win.

Waste oil burners also meet the requirements set by the EPA to preserve clean air. Additionally, waste oil possesses twice as much energy as coal and far more energy than #2 fuel oil. That kind of energy efficiency can be vital for the preservation of the environment.

Show your commitment to sustainability and clean energy sources with a used oil burner.

Help the Environment With a Used Motor Oil Heater Today

As you can see, burning used motor oil for heat can have a long list of benefits for your business. It's better for the environment and for your bottom line. And at Interstate Energy, we'll happily supply your business with an industry-leading waste oil burner. We've been in business since 1986, and over the last 30+ years, we've helped hundreds if not thousands of businesses who generate waste oil heat their business for free.

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