20 Reasons to Buy a Waste Oil Burner

Monday, 16 August 2021 16:43

On the fence about whether or not to purchase a waste oil heater? We get it. It’s a big decision and a relatively high initial investment. But the truth is, the pros of purchasing a waste oil heater far outweigh the cons. The only serious downside is paying for new equipment. But believe it or not, most waste oil heaters pay themselves off in just 12-18 months! If you’re still struggling to decide, here are 20 reasons to buy a waste oil burner for your business today.

Environmental benefits of waste oil heaters

1. Burning waste oil is a great way to save money and reduce your carbon footprint.

2. Used oil recycling reduces the amount of waste going into landfills, which helps protect our environment.

3. Recycling used motor oils can help you avoid paying more for fuel at the pump.

4. Your heater will help keep valuable resources in use instead of being wasted or discarded.

5. Your heater can reuse old engine oil, which helps keep it out of waterways where it could harm aquatic life.

6. When properly recycled, used oil has no negative impact on air quality.

7. By recycling used oil, you are reducing the demand for new oil from petroleum companies.

8. You don't have to worry about improperly disposing of used oil and not adhering to the cradle-to-grave liability that comes with handling oil.

9. Oil-fired furnaces produce fewer emissions than gas-powered ones.

Economic benefits of used oil furnaces

10. Recycling used oil can generate free heat for your business. To see just how much you can save, check out our online waste oil savings calculator.

11. There's no need to purchase expensive equipment such as an incinerator when you can recycle your oil.

12. If you're looking for ways to cut costs without sacrificing safety, a waste oil heating system is a fantastic option.

13. A used oil furnace uses less electricity than other types of furnaces because they run off of residual heat leftover after combustion, which helps to further boost your bottom line.

Efficiency and safety benefits of waste oil heating systems

14. Waste oil heating systems provide better temperature control than electric units can offer.

15. An oil burner heats up quickly so there is little-to-no waiting time before you can start enjoying the warmth.

16. Clean Burn models come equipped with automatic shutoff features that prevent fires if something goes wrong.

17. With proper maintenance, you'll get many years of service from your unit.

18. A gallon of waste oil can create the same amount of energy as 18-kilowatt hours of electricity.

19. Used oil possesses more energy than #2 fuel oil and coal.

20. Just 2 gallons of waste oil can create enough electricity to run an average house for 24 hours.

Purchase a waste oil burner today

If you’re interested in purchasing a waste oil burner to boost your bottom line and better benefit the environment, reach out to us today at Interstate Energy.

We offer a wide variety of waste oil heating systems to fit businesses of every size. Contact us today to learn more.