What Is Required For Clean Burn Waste Oil Furnace Maintenance?

Tuesday, 02 July 2019 12:37

Spring is in full swing and you know what that means: spring cleaning! From your home to your car to your business, with longer, sunnier days come more motivation to get everything in order. For many business owners, this time of year also means that it’s time to schedule your Clean Burn waste oil furnace maintenance. For those considering a waste oil furnace for their business, maintenance is a big deciding factor, so our technicians wanted to take a minute to share what Clean Burn maintenance looks like and what it might look like in your business.

Your Clean Burn Has Expert Maintenance Built In

First and foremost, one of the biggest perks of having a Clean Burn furnace is the team of technicians you can rely on to help you. From the beginning of the sales process when you’re just learning more about the brand and product offering to many years of ownership, you’ll work directly with a technician who specializes in Clean Burn products.

This relationship is what makes Clean Burn waste oil furnace maintenance so easy. We’ve eliminated the 1-800 numbers and the online tickets with robocallers that take you a week to get in touch with an actual person while your business operation suffers in the meantime. Rather, you call your regional Clean Burn provider and speak directly with your technician who will schedule a time to come out to your location as early as that very same day!

  • If you need parts for your waste oil furnace, we’ve got them with next day delivery.
  • If you just have a quick question or concern, we’ve got 24/7 phone support.
  • If you need an inspection, our technicians come directly to you.

When it comes to Clean Burn waste oil furnace maintenance, you can rest assured that your local provider has your back.

Minimal Maintenance For The Longest Cleaning Interval On The Market

When the Clean Burn manufacturers designed their waste oil furnaces, the effort to benefit ratio played heavily in the design. What good is a waste oil burning heater if it is more work to run than it is to just dispose of the oil?

In order to minimize Clean Burn waste oil furnace maintenance, the first element that was considered in the design was engineering a heating system that was specific to waste oil. Prior to that, many manufacturers were trying to make heating systems do double duty and transform a traditional oil burning heater into one that operated with waste oil. It wasn’t the most efficient solution. The Clean Burn design made waste oil the priority to maximize efficiency.

The second key element to reducing the necessary waste oil furnace maintenance was to manufacture a design that expanded the cleaning interval. When it comes to waste oil, it’s no surprise that residue build up can become a problem. Our sleek design affords Clean Burn owners the longest cleaning interval on the market. Your heating system can run for tens of thousands of hours before you’ll ever have to lift a finger for cleaning.

While the necessary Clean Burn waste oil furnace maintenance is minimal, the manufacturers considered what luxuries could be built into the design for when it did come time to clean. The swing away burner door gives you unprecedented access to your machine so that when you do clean, it can be done right and it can be done all at once. You’ve probably experienced other equipment that requires specialized tools to gain access to the specific area that needs to be clean - that’s not the case with Clean Burn. When we can’t completely eliminate the Clean Burn waste oil furnace maintenance you need, we at least try to make it as convenient as possible.

Clean Burn Waste Oil Furnace Maintenance From Interstate Energy

If you need waste oil furnace maintenance for your Clean Burn heater, now’s the time to call. Not only is this the perfect time of year for your annual maintenance as the weather is clearing up, but we’re also running our Spring promotion for The Great Exchange which saves you money when it’s time to upgrade your Clean Burn heater.

Contact the only authorized Clean Burn dealer in Colorado and Eastern Wyoming and schedule your waste oil furnace maintenance today.