The Difference Between A Used Oil Burner & A Waste Oil Burner

Tuesday, 06 August 2019 18:07

If you’re in an industry that generates a lot of oil, you’re familiar with the environmental compliance requirements that you must adhere to. There is quite a bit of liability associated with generating oil and your responsibility as a business to dispose of it. In order to adhere to restrictions and regulations, you have to have an in depth understanding of what kind of oil you’re dealing with. Knowing the difference between used oil and waste oil is essential to not only avoiding legal ramifications but also environmental harm due to improper disposal. As a leading distributor of used and waste oil heating systems, we want to take a deep dive into the difference between a used oil burner and a waste oil burner.

Wouldn’t A Used Oil Burner & A Waste Oil Burner Be The Same Thing?

The system used to recycle used or waste oil is not necessarily different. However, the oil being used in either case is fundamentally very different and should be recognized as such - especially by those who are working with and disposing of oil on a regular basis.

Used oil is oil that has previously been used. Through the process of being used, the oil becomes contaminated with impurities. When this occurs, the oil should be stored for reuse, recycling, or proper disposal. Waste oil, on the other hand, is oil that has not ever been used, but is not suitable for its intended purpose and therefore must be dealt with accordingly.

What Does That Distinction Mean?

As we mentioned previously, a used oil burner, in and of itself, is not entirely different from a waste oil burner. The oil itself is what is distinct and the requirements and restrictions associated with each respective type of oil are where key differences lie.

Every state has unique laws regarding environmental safety and disposal of hazardous waste. Generally speaking, though, waste oil is considered to be a hazardous waste, while used oil is not. Waste oil comes with a host of additional regulations, liabilities, and necessary protocols for removal and disposal from the work site. More specifically, the timeline of recycling or disposing of your waste oil becomes exponentially more important than if part of your business operation included the generation of used oil.

As a supplier of the best waste and used oil burner on the market, we pride ourselves on helping our customers adhere to the regulations and restrictions. Used oil, in particular, is okay to have onsite if it is a by-product of your operations. However, if you do have it onsite, it must be contained and labeled as such.

What To Do With Your Used And Waste Oil

When handled properly, you have options for disposing of your waste and used oil. While we might be biased, there are countless documented reasons why you should consider recycling as your method of disposal.

Recycle With A Used Oil Burner From Clean Burn

A Clean Burn used oil burner gives you the flexibility to properly disposed of your used oil while not only helping you prevent the opportunity to violate regulations but also saving you money in the long run. A used oil burner puts your used and waste oil to better use while reducing your overhead costs of heating and compliance.

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