An FAQ Guide to Utilizing Your Clean Burn Furnace

Tuesday, 24 January 2023 13:13

What types of fuel can a Clean Burn furnace use? How frequently should you clean your oil furnace? Is it safe? These are some of the questions that we get asked most often about Clean Burn technology. At Interstate Energy, we are the sole authorized distributor of Clean Burn heaters in Colorado and eastern Wyoming, and we are here to provide the facts on these systems.

Let's explore the most commonly asked questions regarding Clean Burn heating systems today.

What You Should Know About Clean Burn Furnaces

If you can’t find the answer to your query here, please contact us directly! Our technicians are always available to discuss these systems and answer your questions in detail.

Is a Clean Burn Furnace Safe?

Yes! Clean Burn heaters were designed with efficiency, small size, and safety in mind. These heaters provide the same level of clean-burning as a #2 fuel-oil furnace. You won't have to worry about safety or emissions with our Class-A-rated chimney stack that safely exhausts combustion gasses.

How Does a Clean Burn Waste Oil Heater Work?

The Clean Burn waste oil heater is an efficient and cost-effective way to heat a small space or business. The system is composed of three different sections:

  • Oil storage tank

  • Oil pump assembly

  • Furnace unit

The storage tank houses the waste oil, which is then drawn from the tank through the oil pump assembly. This assembly includes a stainless steel 100-micron mesh filter that removes particulates from the oil before it is pushed to the furnace for combustion.

The Clean Burn heating system also features a gear oil pump assembly that can be set up with either a metering fuel flow control pump or a positive pressure gear pump. This allows for greater flexibility in terms of where the furnace can be located; depending on the application, these pumps can enable your Clean Burn furnace to be located up to 300 feet from the oil supply. This makes it easier to install and maintain your system, on top of providing greater efficiency and cost savings over time.

What Can You Burn in a Clean Burn Waste Oil Furnace?

A waste oil heater is designed to burn oils that have already been used, as its name implies. These oils typically include crankcase, automatic transmission fluid, and hydraulic waste oils.

The burner is also able to handle oils of various viscosities, from 10 to 50 viscosity. It is possible to use a range of fuel oils in your furnace such as #2, #4, and #5 oils. The Petroleum Equipment Institute provides helpful information on the distinctions between these various fuels.

How Do You Clean a Clean Burn Used Oil Furnace?

The cleaning process is simpler than you may think for a CB furnace. To stay safe, you should wear rubber gloves, safety goggles, a respirator, and other protective clothing. Then just follow these steps:

  • Once the system is off and you've given it time to cool, open the swing away door to the combustion chamber. Here you will just need to clean a few things:

  • The stack - Brush and tap the stack to loosen ash and allow it to settle in the stack's elbow. Then just vacuum the ash out with a shop vac.

  • The combustion chamber - Loosen the fitting to reduce pressure in the air and oil lines. Vacuum the remaining ash in the combustion chamber and flues. Before closing the swing-away door, use the flue brush to do a final sweep of the flues. Then reinstall everything before preparing to use again.

  • The energy retention disc – To clean it, simply remove it and vacuum it separately.

Don't forget to take note of the color of the ash. If you see tan or gray ash, it indicates that your heater is working correctly. Varying shades of ash can be a sign that the machine isn't functioning correctly.

How Often Should an Oil Furnace Be Cleaned?

Clean Burn furnaces boast the longest interval between cleanings of any waste oil heater in their industry. On average, you will need to clean your CB furnace every 1,000 hours of operation.

Where Can I Get a Clean Burn Waste Oil Furnace?

Right here! Interstate Energy is the only authorized Clean Burn distributor for Colorado and eastern Wyoming. We can supply and install the right used oil furnace for your business needs and help you maintain it. Our technicians are always ready to service your equipment to keep it functioning properly for years to come.

Contact Interstate Energy today to upgrade your business with a Clean Burn waste oil furnace.