Industrial Oil Heaters: Better for the Planet & Your Bottom Line

Friday, 12 March 2021 10:48

If your business produces waste oil, you know how much of a headache it can be to dispose of. Not only are you taking on the expenses necessary to manage the waste, but you're also liable for safely transporting and disposing of the used oil. What if, instead of disposing of your used oil, you burned it to heat your business for free? With industrial oil heaters, you can!

How an industrial oil heater works

Industrial waste oil heaters are built specifically to burn used oil. And these heating systems actually work in a pretty simple way. After your fuel, motor, or hydraulic oil is used and turned into waste oil, you’ll recycle it with a waste oil furnace or boiler. The waste oil is inserted into a tank on the heater and preheated to an optimal temperature for burning. Combustion technology creates a clean and efficient flame that forces hot air out through exhaust pipes, which in turn heat the space and air around it.

What makes waste oil heaters better for your bottom line

Waste oil heaters are widely regarded as one of the most energy-efficient ways to heat your business. In fact, most businesses can expect a return on their investment in just 18 - 24 months, depending on the temperatures in your area. After that, you’ll be heating your business for free with your waste oil heating system. To see how much money that could save you over time, check our waste oil savings calculator.

Why industrial oil heaters are better for the environment

Industrial oil heaters not only prevent waste oil from contaminating ecosystems but also help save natural resources such as natural gas. Waste oil heaters also meet the EPA requirements for preserving clean air, making them an excellent way to heat your business and protect the environment simultaneously.

How energy efficient are waste oil heaters

Waste oil is anything but a waste. In fact:

  • Waste oil possesses more energy than coal and #2 fuel oils
  • 1 gallon of used oil has as much energy as 18-kilowatt hours of electricity
  • Just 2 gallons of used oil can create enough electricity to run the average U.S. household for almost 24 hours

How much waste oil is needed to heat your business

Generally speaking, if your business generates between 500 - 700 gallons of used oil per year, that's enough to justify purchasing an industrial oil heater. However, if you're slightly under that amount, you can also burn #2 fuel oil.

Industries that best benefit from waste oil heaters

There is a wide range of industries where businesses can benefit from burning their used oil. Here at Interstate Energy, we work mostly with:

  • Auto repair shops
  • Car dealerships
  • Car wash businesses
  • Construction companies
  • Demolition companies
  • Equipment repair companies
  • Farmers
  • Heavy equipment dealerships
  • Miners
  • Oil and fluid replacement companies
  • Ranchers
  • Renovation companies
  • Rental car lots
  • Taxi companies
  • Truckers
  • And more!

Learn more about industrial oil heaters today

If you think your business could benefit from a waste oil heater, reach out to us today at Interstate Energy. We are proud to serve Colorado and Eastern Wyoming as the only authorized Clean Burn distributor, the industry-leading provider of industrial oil heaters.

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