Product Spotlight: Rock Energy Systems MX-75 for Small Spaces

Monday, 22 November 2021 15:19

If you’re looking for a quick and accessible heating solution for a tight workspace, the Rock Energy Systems (RES) MX-75 is for you. This waste oil heater is the best heating solution for small work areas due to its easy-to-fit vertical design. The MX-75 model comes pre-assembled for easy installation and includes all of the standard RES heater features.

Top Reasons to Purchase a Rock Energy Systems MX-75

If your business regularly generates used oil, it is in your best interest to recycle it for free heating in your workplace. When you recycle your used oil, you avoid environmental contamination and it can boost your bottom line by reducing key overhead charges. The types of workspaces that benefit the most from a MX-75 heater are:

  1. Tight workshops
  2. Narrow garages
  3. At-home hobby workspaces

There are several benefits these workspaces can achieve by purchasing this Rock Energy Systems heater that we offer at Interstate Energy. These include:

  • Heats up to 1,700 square feet
  • Holds up to 10 gallons of oil for heating longevity
  • Recycling your waste oil helps create alternative energy without compromising the environment
  • Can be mounted to the wall to maximize small spaces
  • High cost efficiency
  • One year warranty
  • And more!

Is the MX-75 Heater Right For You?

Keep in mind that the Rock Energy Systems MX-75 is made for smaller spaces. At Interstate Energy, we offer heating systems for all kinds of workspaces. Depending on how much waste oil you have available to feed to the furnace will indicate which furnace is right for you. Construction and automotive shops may benefit from larger systems that can heat the building square footage, while smaller garages and hobby workspaces can benefit from smaller systems. The largest heating system, the CB-5000, has a central furnace duct for a large space, but there are many more to choose from to meet your unique needs.

Where to Get Oil for an MX-75

Many owners of a waste oil heating system will recycle their in-house used oil to fuel the furnace. However, if you don’t already produce your own oil but are interested in utilizing the compact MX-75 for environmental protection and cost efficiency, you may have to source your oil elsewhere. The most common types of businesses that produce recyclable oil are:

  • Automotive service centers and repair shops
  • Car wash and lube shops
  • Farm equipment dealers and service centers
  • New and used car dealers and service centers
  • Fleet services companies
  • Farm machinery sales and repair shops
  • And construction companies

If you don’t have your own used oil supply, try reaching out to these local companies to see if they are willing to dispose of their extra waste oil stores. Since oil spills are one of the most dangerous consequences of improper disposal and businesses are required to dispose of waste oil properly, they may be happy to offer you some of their supply to fuel your waste oil furnace.

Save Money and Heat Your Workspace with a Rock Energy Systems MX-75

Interstate Energy is a top distributor of waste oil recycling systems in Colorado and Wyoming. We are the only Clean Burn distributor in Colorado and eastern Wyoming and we help reduce the overhead costs of local businesses by recycling their waste oil.

If you'd like to save money with a waste oil heater today, waste oil heater experts today!