Used Oil Heater Acting Up? You Might Need Waste Oil Heater Repair

Thursday, 23 March 2023 15:49

Waste oil heaters are a great way to cut down on energy costs and reduce your organization’s environmental impact. However, like any other piece of machinery, these heating systems can develop minor issues and problems over time that require professional repairs. It is important to understand the common issues that may arise with your waste oil heater and when to seek out waste oil heater repair service near you.

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Main Problems That Need Waste Oil Heater Repair Services

Your waste oil heater is a crucial part of your business, and it needs to operate at optimal efficiency so you can maximize the value it provides for your operations. If your system is experiencing any of the issues below, you can start by troubleshooting the issue and reading the manual. However, if that doesn't work or you don't have time, make sure you get the service and support you need from Interstate Energy Inc.

No Heat

This is obviously a major problem since the whole purpose of a waste oil heater is to generate heat for your workspace. This issue is usually caused by blocked or restricted air intake, clogged filters, or low fuel in the tank. However, the lack of heat could also be caused by a faulty burn chamber or dirty spark plug. If your waste oil heater isn't producing enough heat, it may be time to call Clean Burn technicians to clean out the burner and restore its efficiency.

Power Reliability

If your waste oil heater is not turning on when you want it to or turning off on its own, then you may have a power reliability issue. This could be caused by an electrical short or other wiring problem that needs to be fixed by a professional. Because electrical systems are complex and hazardous, it’s best to leave those electrical issues to your technician. It could also mean that the motor isn't running properly or that the fuel pump isn't working correctly. Whatever the case, you should seek out waste oil heater repair service near you from a dependable distributor to address the source of the problem.

Excessive Smoke

A plume of smoke coming from your waste oil heater could be a sign of a major problem. Excessive smoke can indicate that the fuel is not being burned off completely or that there is an issue with the combustion process. This problem requires detailed attention, as it could be something as simple as replacing worn-out filters or something more serious like a malfunctioning burner chamber.

Strange Smells

Can you smell any abnormal scents around your waste oil heater? If so, it could be a sign of a problem. Those smells could be caused by dirty filters or a build-up of residue in the burn chamber that is not being burned off completely. It could also be caused by fuel leaks or faulty wiring issues. In either case, it is important to find a waste oil heater repair service near you to identify the source of the odors.

Inadequate Ignition

When your waste oil heater is having difficulty igniting, there may be a problem with the ignition system. This could be something as simple as a dirty spark plug or it could be an issue with the fuel pump or the wiring. An expert can help pinpoint any underlying problems that might be affecting your waste oil heater's ignition system.

Leaking Waste Oil

Leaking is never good news when it comes to any kind of machinery, and waste oil heaters are no different. Leaks can occur from cracks in the tank or faulty hose connections and will need to be fixed by an experienced technician. It’s important to address any leaks or cracks sooner rather than later because the problem can become worse and may force you to get a whole new unit.

Get Reliable Waste Oil Heater Repair Service Near You

The best way to ensure your waste oil heater is running smoothly and efficiently is to get reliable repair service when you need it. Interstate Energy is a leading provider of waste oil furnace repair and maintenance services throughout Colorado and eastern Wyoming. We have a team of experienced technicians who can diagnose and fix any issue you may be having with your waste oil heater, from no heat or power to leaking parts and more. We can provide on-site services and we offer next-day parts delivery.

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