Cut Costs With a Waste Oil Heating System

Monday, 13 September 2021 11:20

Heating a business can be costly. But if you generate a lot of waste oil, you could heat your business for free with a waste oil heater! How? Today, we'll take a deep dive into all of the unique advantages that you gain by investing in a waste oil heating system for your company.

What is a waste oil heating system?

Waste oil heating systems are a type of furnace or boiler that heats a building using a forced hot water system. Rather than needing coal or gas to fuel the heater, a waste oil heater relies on used oil for power.

Many organizations that produce waste oil tend to hire a third-party hauler to transport their waste oil to a disposal site, where it is then burned or repurposed. However, if your used oil is going to be reprocessed for energy anyhow, why not burn it yourself? With the help of a waste oil burner, you can!

Why use a waste oil heating system over a traditional furnace

There are numerous advantages to using a waste oil furnace to heat your business. Here are a few examples of how these innovative solutions can benefit your company.

Receive free heat for your business

You read that right! You can heat your business for FREE by using a waste oil boiler or heater. Whether you're currently using propane, natural gas, #2 fuel oil, or electricity to heat your facility, converting to a used oil heating system can help you save money. Check out our waste oil savings calculator to see just how much you can save.

No more risk of improper handling or disposal

When oil is not properly disposed of, it poses a significant hazard to entire ecosystems. To prevent environmental spills and damage, the EPA devised a cradle-to-grave liability that sets rules for managing oil from the moment it is initially manufactured to the time it is disposed of. As you can expect, this federal rule increases the risk for organizations that handle oil products.

Fortunately, you won't have to worry about your waste oil hauler properly disposing of your used oil if you utilize a waste oil boiler or heater. With this unique heating solution, you can recycle your used oil on-site and use it to cleanly heat your business. It's a true win-win situation.

Better for the environment

Waste oil heaters do more than just provide free heat and turn a liability into an asset. These heating solutions are also more environmentally friendly. Burning waste oil meets the EPA's clean air regulations while also alleviating pressure on the natural gas and coal industries.

Which type of used oil heater should I get?

There are several types of oil heaters on the market, but none compare to Clean Burn models in terms of quality and performance. With an industry-leading warranty and the capacity to burn waste oil, synthetic oil, ATF oil, and hydraulic oil, there simply is no comparison to CB burners. Clean Burn waste oil heating systems are the best options available on the market.

Contact Interstate Energy today if you're interested in acquiring a waste oil heater. We are the only authorized Clean Burn distributor in Colorado and eastern Wyoming.