The world is full of used oil. We use oil products to fuel our cars, cook food, heat homes, power machines, make plastics, lubricate machinery, and run many industrial processes. But what do we do with the leftover oil byproducts once we've finished using the original fuel sources? If you're like most people, you probably just dispose of it with a third party, but that approach has a few risks. Fortunately, you can reuse the waste oil for heat in your business with a Clean Burn used oil burner.

Waste oil furnaces might seem like very complex devices, but with the right support, anyone can understand them. We’ve developed a helpful guide for waste oil furnaces troubleshooting that should help make your maintenance a little easier for you.

Waste Oil furnaces are a great way to heat a business during the winter months at a low cost. However, annual waste oil furnace service is vital for its function and maintaining one properly can take some work. If you want to keep your used oil heating system working like new, here is some maintenance guidance to ensure your oil furnace runs smoothly throughout the heating season.

Businesses across America are facing rising energy costs, and many are looking for ways to cut down on overhead expenditures. For some, one way to do so is to look into alternative sources of fuel for your vehicles and energy needs. If your business generates waste products from your oil supplies, you can save tons of money by investing in a waste oil heater.