Are you searching for a waste oil pick up service near you? If so, we urge you to consider burning your waste oil instead. Did you know that old motor oil never wears out, even if it has been sitting unused for years? It just gets dirty and can be recycled for secondary use. Recycling used oil is both good for the environment and saves a natural resource. In this blog, we will review why you should choose to burn your waste oil vs choosing waste oil pickup.

If it's time to think about buying a waste oil heater for your business, you might be considering a do-it-yourself (DIY) approach. Efficient and properly installed waste oil heaters can get expensive, so it’s understandable why you might want to save a few bucks and build one yourself. But there are several things to keep in mind while considering your choice between a DIY waste oil heater and a professional Clean Burn heater.

As you are you considering installing a waste oil heater for your business? If so, it's important to consider a few different manufacturer to identify which brand will make the most sense for your company. There are many benefits to a waste oil heater, such as saving energy and money. While the goal may be the same, the systems to choose from are not. Between Clean Energy heating systems, Clean Burn, and others, the decision isn’t always cut and dry.

Interstate Energy is the only authorized Clean Burn dealer in Colorado and eastern Wyoming. We're the local experts when it comes to waste oil heating systems. And we’ll help guide your search for a waste oil burner or heater, as you may be wondering what to look for while shopping around.