Did you know that the used motor oils your business creates can be repurposed for another use? Used oil gets dirty and can actually be recycled. Recycling old motor oil and other used oils saves energy and helps protect the environment. If you recycle your oil byproducts with a waste oil heating system, you help save oil, conserve a natural resource, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Are you looking for pick up for used oil? Let's dive into why it's better to burn your used oil with a Clean Burn waste oil burner.

Waste oil heaters offer a convenient way to get free heat for your facilities from a used resource. You may be searching for the cheapest option when it comes to burning a waste oil heater but, in all honesty, this heating system is not something you can skimp on. A cheap waste oil heater could pose serious problems for you down the line and there are many reasons to instead invest in a Clean Burn waste oil heating system.

Winter in Colorado and Wyoming is often frigid and long, and heating bills for your business can rise during the cold winter months. Investing in a Clean Burn waste oil heater can heavily offset those heating costs for your business while proving to be a more environmentally friendly way of disposing of your waste oil byproducts. Let’s dive into the benefits of a waste oil heater and why you need one this winter.

Autumn is here! Are you ready for the cooler weather? Even though you've already put away your warm weather clothing, there's still plenty to do and prepare before winter arrives. Many businesses don't take care of their heating systems during the summer and fall, which can lead to heating problems. Fall furnace maintenance is extremely important because no business owner wants to be without heating during unpredictable weather. If you have a used oil heater, maintenance should be your top priority in the next few weeks.