The waste oil that you produce can actually be a very valuable asset for you! If you install an efficient waste oil heater, your waste oil can become a valuable resource for your company or organization. However, that doesn't mean any ordinary waste oil furnace will do the job. If you're working in a smaller space or garage, then you’ll need a more specialized system that’s designed for your unique space. If you’re interested in getting a waste oil burning heater for a garage or small workspace, you'll get the best results by using a small, efficient furnace, like the CB-140.

The average cost of heating a building in the United States is between $1,700 to $9,700 per year. That means many business owners spend hundreds of dollars each month trying to efficiently heat their businesses, which can be challenging. Thankfully there is a solution; a way to cut your heating expenses without having to sacrifice comfort.

Did you know that the used motor oils your business creates can be repurposed for another use? Used oil gets dirty and can actually be recycled. Recycling old motor oil and other used oils saves energy and helps protect the environment. If you recycle your oil byproducts with a waste oil heating system, you help save oil, conserve a natural resource, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Are you looking for pick up for used oil? Let's dive into why it's better to burn your used oil with a Clean Burn waste oil burner.

Waste oil heaters offer a convenient way to get free heat for your facilities from a used resource. You may be searching for the cheapest option when it comes to burning a waste oil heater but, in all honesty, this heating system is not something you can skimp on. A cheap waste oil heater could pose serious problems for you down the line and there are many reasons to instead invest in a Clean Burn waste oil heating system.