Waste oil heating systems have become a popular option for many businesses because of their many environmental and economical benefits. But how exactly do these systems keep you warm? In this article, we will discuss everything you need to know about used oil burners so that you can reduce your heat bills, save the environment, and get all the heat you need to stay warm during winter in Colorado and Wyoming.

Are Used Motor Oil Heaters Sustainable?

Thursday, 17 February 2022 13:30

Motor vehicles are known for their gas consumption, but the conversation surrounding the used oil is hardly brought to the forefront. The oil cars use to run must be changed every few months to keep the engine running smoothly. But where does the used oil go when it is changed out at the mechanic? While many mechanics may send off their loads of used oil to third-party handlers, used motor oil heaters may be the more sustainable and efficient method of disposal.

From a tractor to a plow, farmers use all kinds of machinery to maximize their efficient use of the land. During the winter, you’ll likely spend more time indoors rather than out on the fields, and with the right equipment, you can heat your indoor spaces for next to no cost. With a surplus of waste oil on hand, farmers can repurpose it with a waste oil furnace and benefit greatly from the heater in multiple ways.

Throughout the winter in Colorado and Wyoming, temperatures drop to chilling levels. It's important to have a reliable furnace to keep your business space warm and functional, during these colder months, for you and your employees. If your company produces waste oil, it is worthwhile to look into a waste oil burner to efficiently produce heat for your business and dispose of the used oil safely.